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Rockland Country Club

Location: 380 Route 9 West, Sparkill, NY 10976

Photo of Rockland Country Club

Type of Facility: Golf Course

Number of Employees: 50-99

Member Since: 2013

Membership runs Through: 2016

NYEL Contact: Matthew Ceplo, Course Superintendent

Facility Overview:

Rockland Country Club operates and maintains a 150 acre 18-hole championship golf course, a driving range, a full service club house, a swimming pool, and tennis courts.

The club has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable operations through carrying out prior projects that have naturalized 20 acres of land on the course and have eliminated algal blooms on course water bodies. In addition, Rockland Country Club received the President's Award for Environmental Stewardship from the Golf Course Superintendent's Association of America in 2013.

The course also participates in the Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, which focuses not only on increasing the environmental performance of the course, but also ensuring that the course provides suitable habitat for local wildlife.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Become ISO 14001 Certified

By 2016 Rockland Country Club will become ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management. Entities that are ISO 14001 certified implement environmental planning into all facets of their operations, including measuring their total environmental impact and taking steps to decrease it.

The club is working with e-par to create an official environmental policy, conduct a full risk assessment, and to write an environmental management system manual. In addition, they will create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and an Environmental Action Plan.

2. Decrease Water Used for Irrigation by 3,408,880 Gallons per Year

Rockland Country club will decrease the amount of water that they use for irrigation by 13% by 2016 by installing a new irrigation system. The system includes soil moisture sensors that will allow the club to only water the areas that need it. The new system also includes more energy efficient pumps, which will cut down on electricity use as well.

3. Restore 7 Acres to a Natural State

The club will build upon the 20 acres that they have already allowed to go back to a natural state by restoring an additional 7 acres by 2016. The new natural areas will include flowers and perennials that will provide a suitable habitat for local birds and pollinators. By no longer maintaining these areas to golf course turf standards, the course will also cut down on the amount of pesticides and fertilizers that they use, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from mowing.

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