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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Location: 100 Indigo Creek Drive, Rochester, NY 14626

Photo of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics facility

Type of Facility: Medical Device Manufacturer

Number of Employees: 1,000+

Member Since: 2009

Membership runs Through: 2016

NYEL Contact: Phil Schuler

Facility Overview:

The Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Rochester facility produces diagnostic instruments, clinical chemistry test slides, and calibration and control fluids for use in carrying out fluid analysis by medical institutions. The facility also has administrative and research and development offices on campus.

As a member of NYGB, the facility has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable operations by carrying out projects that have increased its total non-hazardous waste recycling rate to 66.4%, brought the hazardous waste recycling rate to 91%, and reduced energy and water usage.

The facility also has a functioning certified ISO 14001 environmental management system that has been in place since 2001.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Decrease Water Use by 10,183,000 Gallons per Year

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics intends to install a series of oil-sealed vacuum pumps that require the use of less water than the current water-sealed vacuum pumps. This is expected to decrease the facility's water use by nearly 15%.

2. Decrease Total Energy Use by 12,979 MMBTUs per Year

The facility will implement a number of improvements identified by a third party energy consultant, including making improvements to its HVAC system, installing real-time energy monitoring software to detect leaks and malfunctions as they happen, and potentially installing solar panels.

3. Decrease Amount of Waste to Landfill by 193,886 lbs. per Year

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics will decrease the amount of non-hazardous waste sent to landfill by nearly 20% by conducting detailed evaluations of its waste stream and identifying alternatives. The company also will implement new employee training at the Rochester campus to reduce waste, look into the use of composting for organic material, and analyze new recycling opportunities as they arise.

4. Eliminate 3 Noise Zones to Protect Worker Safety

In 2012 the facility had 13 "noise zones," where the noise exceeds 82 decibels (dBA) with an average noise level of 87-90 dBA. By eliminating 3 of these by using new engineering controls and modifications, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics will protect the health and safety of its employees by eliminating their exposure to a loud environment.

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