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Gideon Putnam (Operated by Delaware North)

Location: 24 Gideon Putnam Road, Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Photo of Gideo Putnam Hotel/Spa

Type of Facility: Hotel/Spa

Number of Employees: 100-499

Member Since: 2015

Membership runs Through: 2018

NYEL Contact: Robert M. Berrey, Jr.

Facility Overview:

Delaware North manages the 124 guest room hotel, the Gideon Putnam and Roosevelt Baths and Spa. Located in the Saratoga Spa State Park, in Saratoga Springs, NY, these facilities combine for providing more than 75 years of services for guests in the community.

The facility has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable operations by recently upgrading over 250 lighting fixtures with energy efficient LEDs, which will save 58,111 kWh per year, as well as successfully launching a recycling program through Clean the World for their unused soap and shampoo products that will see 380 lbs. of plastic recycled per year and 757 lbs. of soap and shampoo donated to the less fortunate in other nations.

The facility has had a functioning Environmental Management System (EMS) in place certified to the global ISO 14001 standard since 2008. They have received Silver certification from Audubon International's Green Lodging program, and a Silver certification from TripAdvisor's Green Leaders program.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Replacing in room HVAC Units with More Efficient Models

The Gideon Putnam will replace over 125 of their in room HVAC units with modern energy efficient units that are programmable to save energy.

2. Decrease Electricity Usage by 307,320 kWh per Year

The Gideon Putnam will decrease their overall electricity usage by 21% by purchasing and installing energy efficient HVAC units for their hotel rooms and by upgrading their external lighting with more energy efficient lighting and also adding timers and photo cells.

3. Divert 7.5 Tons of Food Waste from Landfills by 2017

The facility will divert all of their food waste from landfills, and into composting facilities, by 2017. Food waste is one of the largest environmental issues facing the hospitality sector and sending food waste to composting facilities ensures that it either is broken down to become mulch or fertilizer, or used to create renewable biogas in an anabolic digester. By tackling this issue head on the Gideon Putnam will pave the way for other entities in the Saratoga Springs region who wish to make the same commitment.

4. Nearly Double the Amount of Waste Recycled by 2017

The Gideon Putnam will increase the amount of waste that is recycled from 18.7 tons per year to 35 tons per year by working to create a process to collect guest recyclables. The facility will provide training to their housekeeping staff regarding their new recycling program, select and deploy new highly visible recycling bins, and inform guests of their new policies.

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