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Covanta Onondaga LP

Location: 5801 Rock Cut Road

Photo of Covanta Onondaga LP

Jamestown, NY 13078

Type of Facility: Energy from Waste

Number of Employees: Less Than 50

Member Since: 2009

Membership runs through: 2017

NYEL Contact: Paul Abt, Environmental Engineer

Facility Overview:

Covanta Onondaga operates the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Facility, an energy from waste facility that consists of three municipal waste combustors that are capable of processing 330 tons per day of solid waste for a total plant capacity of 990 tons per day. The facility and Covanta's operations have been featured in Power Magazine, received recognition by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and received an award for "Excellence for Waste-to-Energy" by the Solid Waste Association of North America in three separate years.

Covanta Onondaga was a founding member of NYEL and during their tenure as a member they have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable operations by utilizing biodiesel in their equipment during the summer months and improving the local ecosystem by undertaking a conservation project on a pond on site to clean it up and allow it to support local wildlife.

The facility has an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place that conforms to standards of the NYEL and the original Environmental Protection Agency National Performance Track Program.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Reduce Energy Usage by 4 MWhrs per Year by Installing Skylights

The facility will replace steel smoke hatches with skylights to allow for natural light to come in during the day. This change will lower the amount of energy needed to use for lighting by allowing an average of 6 hours of daylight to enter the facility per day.

2. Reduce Energy Use by 5.5 MWhrs per Year by Installing LED Lighting

The facility has upgraded the lighting within their administration building (Phase 1) from T12 fluorescent lights to LEDs. Phase 1 was so effective that Phase 2 is already in process. Phase 2 will replace more than 700 T12 bulbs with LED lighting in the operating plant.

3. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation by 4,097 lbs. per Year

The facility has installed an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station. 60% of the electric power produced by Covanta Onondaga is from biomass, a renewable source for electric production. This displaces the fossil fuel operation of vehicles charged at this facility. At this EV charging station the electric power is free.

4. Eliminating the Use of Chemical Lawn Additives

The facility has eliminated the use of all lawn chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides on their grounds. This will result in an estimated reduction of 300 lbs. of chemicals per year.

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