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Hamburg Gaming

Location: 5820 South Park Avenue

Photo of Hamburg Gaming building

Hamburg, NY 14075

Type of Facility: Electronic Gaming and Dining

Number of Employees: 100-499

Member Since: 2015

Membership runs Through: 2018

NYEL Contact: Scott Hill, Senior Business Analyst

Facility Overview:

Hamburg Gaming is a New York Lottery-Sanctioned video lottery gaming facility with 940 video lottery terminals. The facility also features four dining options, ranging from a full service buffet to quick serve coffee.

The facility has been dedicated to sustainable operations since its inception as it is housed in a LEED Silver certified building. Some of the facility's green features include, low-flow water fixtures, LED lighting with motion sensors, a reflective roof to reduce air conditioning requirements and to minimize the urban heat island effect, energy efficient windows, and interior finishes made from recycled and local materials.

Hamburg Gaming also helps the neighboring community to go green by hosting an annual e-waste recycling day, which has seen 13,600 lbs. of e-waste recycled. In addition, the facility has found ways to decrease the amount of office paper that they use by 2000 lbs. since 2012.

The facility also has a functioning environmental management system in place that is 14001 certified and has been in use since 2009.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Reducing Food Waste Generated by 7 Tons per Year by 2017

Hamburg Gaming will decrease the amount of food waste generated in their kitchens by 7 tons per year by 2017. They will accomplish this by introducing a new system called LeanPath, which tracks food waste that leaves the facility. LeanPath works by having employees place all pre-consumer food waste items on a scale to weight it, then takes a picture of it, and the employee enters information on a tablet about the food waste. Based upon pilot data obtained at other Delaware North facilities it is anticipated that this will reduce food waste by 20%.

2. Diverting 28 tons of Food Waste from a Landfill to Composting Facilities

One of the largest environmental issues facing the hospitality sector is what to do with the food waste that is generated in commercial kitchens. Currently, most of this waste is sent to landfills, where it increases the amount of space needed for landfills, increases carbon emissions associated with trucking it to the landfill, decomposes, and provides no environmental benefit.

Hamburg Gaming is working to change this by committing to finding a means to divert their expected 28 tons of food waste a year from landfills and into a composting facility by 2017. Food waste that is sent to composting facilities is able to either be turned into mulch or fertilizer, providing an organic alternative to synthetic fertilizers, or to an anabolic digester, where it is used to create renewable biogas.

By finding a means to compost their food waste, Hamburg Gaming will also create a template for others in the hospitality sector in the Buffalo region to follow.

3. Recycle 100 lbs. of Batteries a Year by 2017

The facility will build upon their successful e-waste recycling programs by starting a new single use battery recycling program. They will now not only recycle batteries used by the facility, but also allow employees and guests to bring in their used batteries from home for recycling, thus providing an easy and convenient way for employees and patrons to properly dispose of their batteries.

4. Reducing Amount of Fry Oil Used by 9,500 lbs. per Year

The facility will utilize a new technology that filters the oil used in their fryers to allow it to be used longer. This will decrease the amount of fry oil used by almost 20%. Not only will this improvement decrease the amount of fry oil needed, but it will decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with trucking the used oil to a recycling facility.

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