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Thursday - 11/21
 Proposed Cleanup - 71 New St. Site (Huntington) Comment Deadline
Friday - 11/22
 Brownfield App./Work Plan-965 Mamaroneck Site ( V. Mamaroneck) Comment Deadline
 Draft Investigation Plan - Ex-Eaton Site (Batavia) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 11/23
 BCP App. Amendment & Work Plan - Gerard Ave. Site (Bronx) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan-Beach 21st St. Dev. (Far Rockaway) Comment Deadline
Sunday - 11/24
 Draft Investigation Plan - 281-301 Warner LLC Site (Roslyn) Comment Deadline
Monday - 11/25
 Comment End - Prop Rulemaking 6 NYCRR Part 222, Distributed Generation Sources
Friday - 11/29
 Draft Investigation Plans - Carlson Park Site (Rochester) Comment Deadline
 No Further Action Proposed - Chandler Incubator Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
 Proposal to Delist 3456 Oneida St. Superfund Site (Chadwicks) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 11/30
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - 1840 Park Ave. Site (Manhattan) Comment Deadline
 Draft Inv. Plan - Garden Street Apts. Site (New Rochelle) Comment Deadline
 Draft Investigation Plan - 175 Roger Ave. Site (Inwood) Comment Deadline
 No Further Action Prop. - Former Grossingers Resort (Liberty) Comment Deadline
Monday - 12/2
 Draft Investigation Plan - 250 Water Street Site (Manhattan) Comment EXTENDED
 No Further Action Prop. - 690 Saint Paul St. Site (Rochester) Comment Deadline
 No Further Action Proposed - 1155 Main St. Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 12/3
 6 NYCRR Part 219, Incinerators
6:00 PMRemsen-Lake Placid Draft UMP Public Meeting
Wednesday - 12/4
 6 NYCRR Part 219, Incinerators
6:00 PMRemsen-Lake Placid Draft UMP Public Meeting
Thursday - 12/5
5:30 PMCommercial Quota Distribution Meeting
6:00 PMRemsen-Lake Placid Draft UMP Public Meeting
Friday - 12/6
 6 NYCRR Part 219, Incinerators
 Brownfield App./Work Plan - 225 Louisiana Street Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App./Work Plan - Buffalo RiverWorks Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield Application - 3077 Union Road Site (Orchard Park) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield Application - 57 Alexander Street Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
 Draft Investigation -Former Accurate Die Casting (Fayetteville) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Cleanup - Cedar Street Former MGP Site (New Rochelle) Comment Deadline
Saturday - 12/7
 Prop. Cleanup-Former Hygrade Polishing&Plating Site (L.I. City) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 12/10
10:00 AMPublic Meeting - Revise Hazardous Waste Management Regs (part 370 Series)
Wednesday - 12/11
 Comments End 6 NYCRR Part 219, Incinerators
Saturday - 12/14
 Comment End: Proposed 2020 Great Lakes Fishing Regulations
Monday - 12/16
 No Further Action Prop. - 19 Patchen Ave. Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Cleanup - Cottage Place Gardens Phase 5 (Yonkers) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Cleanup - The Crossroads at Genesee (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
Friday - 12/20
 Brownfield App. & Work Plan - 2455 Third Ave. Site (Bronx) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield App.-Former Military Road School Site (T. Niagara) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield Application - 130 Midland Ave. Site (Port Chester) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield Application - 140 Chandler St. Site (Buffalo) Comment Deadline
 Brownfield Application-Former Yonkers Firehouse Site (Yonkers) Comment Deadline
 Draft Investigation Plan - Crannell Square Site (Poughkeepsie) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Cleanup - Ellicott Station Site (Batavia) Comment Deadline
4:00 PMRemsen-Lake Placid Draft UMP Public Comment Period Deadline
Saturday - 12/21
 Draft Investigation Plan - 42-11 9th St. Site (L.I. City) Comment Deadline
 Proposed Cleanup - Atlantic Chestnut - Lot 1 Site (Brooklyn) Comment Deadline
Tuesday - 1/7
 Public Meeting - Prop. Rulemaking 6 NYCRR Parts 622
Wednesday - 1/8
 Public Meeting - Amendments to 6 NYCRR 701.13 & 701.14
Monday - 1/13
 Comment End - Amendments to 6 NYCRR 701.13 & 701.14
Friday - 1/31
 Comment End - Prop. Rulemaking 6 NYCRR Parts 622

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