Wednesday, February 6th 2019

10:30 AM

CSC Webinar: Advancing Food Scraps Recycling in NYS

Please see the URL under “Additional information” for more detail on how to register and join this Climate Smart Communities (CSC) webinar on February 6th.

Topic: Advancing Food Scraps Recycling in NYS - State Funding for Community Initiatives
(Please note that the date of this webinar has changed from February 14 to February 6.)
This webinar will provide an overview of two state grant programs that are available to local governments to support the recycling of food waste. The source for both of these grant programs is the NYS Environmental Protection Fund.

In addition, the speakers will discuss why it is important to prevent food waste from entering landfills and the resources that are available for communities to learn more about improving the sustainability of the food system.