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Deep Water Fence and Tubing for Beaver

Deep-water fence and tubing

The tubing draws water from the deeper portion of the pond with an exclosure used to keep the beaver away from the intake. This device is based on the principle that if beavers cannot feel or hear water flowing into the intake, they will not be attracted to it.

Special Considerations

A deep water fence and tubing
  1. Use pipe material that conducts the least amount of sound. Rigid, smooth PVC pipe is probably the best.
  2. Use 6" x 6" mesh concrete reinforcement wire (6 gauges). The mesh size is small enough to keep beaver out and still let debris through the exclosure. This wire is available ins 5' and 10' panels and rolls.
  3. Use of an elbow or angling the pipe so that the intake remains underwater at all times when the device is operating will cut down on the sound of water flowing.
  4. The larger the exclosure, the more effective in reducing the sensation of water flow.
  5. The wire exclosure must be tight against the bottom of the pond so that the beaver is unable to get underneath it and extend 18" - 24" above the pond level. In areas with uneven bottoms, a floor may be added to prevent beavers from swimming underneath.

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