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Clemson Pond Leveler for Beaver

The pond leveler intake device is designed to minimize the probability that current flow can be detected by the beaver. This particular design is limited to situations where the water input to a pond is from a small stream or spring. During periods of unusually high rainfall, problems related to the inability to handle large amounts of water may occur. The situation must be such that occasional flooding is acceptable.

Construction and Installation Guide

Beavers are stimulated by the sound of water failing or trickling, and the sensation of the flow of running water. The pond leveler must be constructed, and installed using the following guidelines:

1. The intake should be installed so that it is always under water. This helps to eliminate the sound of water trickling.

2. The intake requires 150 2-inch holes drilled into the 10-inch PVC with a 3-foot diameter wire tube surrounding the drilled section of the 10-inch PVC. Also, the 10-inch is reduced down to 8 inch PVC. This helps to reduce the sensation of water flowing.

3. The farther the outlet is from the dam, the less attractive it is to the beaver.

4. Because the intake of the pond leveler must be under water, there will be a minimum of 2 feet of water at the location of the pond leveler.

Clemson Pond Leveler

List of Materials

1 ... 13' section of 10" diameter SDR-35 pipe
1 ... 10" x 8" SDR-35 pipe reducer coupling
2 ... 13' sections of 8" diameter SDR-35 pipe
1 ... 10" SDR-35 PVC cap (wooden plug may be substituted)
1 ... 8" elbow (SDR-35)
2 ... 96" section of 6" x 6" x 60" concrete reinforcement wire
1 ... 96" section of 2" x 4" x 72" galvanized welded wire
1 ... 96" section of 2" x 4" x 48" galvanized welded wire
2 ... 48" section of 6" x 6" x 60" concrete reinforcement wire
1 ... box of hog rings
20.Drill point screws to secure the PVC pipe together
5 ... 8 foot steel "lug-u" posts
4 ... 2"-5/16" or ½" bolts with washers and nuts
Tie wire to attach the cage to the 10-foot PVC pipe

The above materials are required to assemble the beaver pond leveler as shown below:

Pond Leveler Intake Construction

Pond Leveler Intake Construction

1. Cut 2-- 8 ft. sections of 6" x 6" x 60' concrete reinforcement wire.
2. Cut the wire so that there are 6" wire ends.
3. Fold into cylinder 5 ft. long; use the wire to fasten the cylinder together.
4. Fasten the two 5 ft. cylinders together with tie wire; alternate the seems for a stronger cage.
5. Cap the ends of 10 ft. long cylinder with 3 ft. square pieces of concrete reinforcement.
6. Cover cage with 2" x 4" mesh welded wire.

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