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Western Blacknose Dace

Rhinichthys meleagris

Image of a Western Blacknose Dace

Western Blacknose Dace inhabits smaller streams with gravel bottoms and lakes only when associated with nearby streams. It is found in all watersheds west of and including the Genesee watershed. In tributaries to Lake Ontario and farther east in that watershed, Western Blacknose Dace has a 17 mile area of overlap near Wolcott with the closely related Eastern Blacknose Dace. Taxonomists have questioned the correctness of this Latin name (or others like R. obtusus) as it applies to the Northeast and Midwest. We are holding to the nomenclature of C.L. Smith found in his book, The Inland Fishes of New York of 1985.

Fish atlas map for Western Blacknose Dace.