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Eastern Blacknose Dace

Eastern Blacknose Dace

Rhinichthys atratulus

Eastern Blacknose Dace inhabits smaller streams with gravel bottoms and some lakes, particularly in the Adirondacks. It is found in all watersheds east of the Genesee and west of Long Island. The range of the closely related Western Blacknose Dace overlaps with Eastern Blacknose Dace in tributaries of Lake Ontario near Wolcott. Mudge Creek has both species and Salmon Creek of Maxwell Bay is the farthest west of records for Eastern Blacknose Dace. The taxonomists have questioned the splitting of this species into an eastern and western species, and we use the Latin name, R. atratulus as applied to the Eastern Blacknose Dace only.

Fish atlas map for Eastern Blacknose Dace.