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Freshwater Fishes of New York Series

drawing of 5 freshwater fish

The Freshwater Fishes of New York series was created as a way to allow everyone to see the diversity and quality of New York's fisheries resources. The 14-part series first appeared in The Conservationist magazine, and was published in various issues between July 1989 and August 1994. The articles are periodically updated to reflect new information gathered over the years, and to ensure all the information is accurate and valid.

Each article contains detailed information on the individual featured fish species--including physical descriptions, distribution in New York, habitat requirements, reproductive habits and the fish grouping's relation to people. In addition, color plates are presented for each fish species. The artwork comes from the old biological surveys conducted by the Conservation Department from 1926 to 1939 and also by artist Wayne Trimm. The artwork produced for the biological surveys was painted by famous fish artists Ellen Edmonson and Hugh Chrisp and were drawn to scientific size and accuracy.

Note: Fish drawings are available from DEC's Flickr Fish Drawings Album. These images are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Please credit NYSDEC when using these fish images. The color plates presented here have been formatted to print lengthwise (or landscape) on the paper. As such, to avoid having part of the image cut-off, please be sure to adjust the paper orientation setting for your printer from "portrait" to "landscape" prior to printing.

Available Fish Series