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Mayfly (Ephemeroptera)

The mayfly distribution maps represent the known range of each species in New York as reported by the DEC Stream Biomonitoring Unit from 1984-2009. For general information about biomonitoring and links to general characteristics and pictures of mayflies visit the Biomonitoring web page.

Mayfly (Ephemeroptera)
Family Link to Map of Species Abundance and Water Quality
Ameletidae Ameletus ludens
Ameletus sp.
Baetidae Acentrella ampla
Acentrella sp.
Acentrella turbida
Acerpenna macdunnoughi
Acerpenna pygmea
Acerpenna sp.
Baetis brunneicolor
Baetis flavistriga
Baetis intercalaris
Baetis pluto
Baetis tricaudatus
Callibaetis sp.
Centroptilum sp.
Cloeon sp.
Diphetor hageni
Heterocloeon sp.
Plauditus sp.
Pseudocloeon sp.
Baetiscidae Baetisca sp.
Caenidae Caenis amica
Caenis anceps
Caenis latipennis
Caenis macafferti
Caenis punctata
Caenis sp.

Ephemerellidae Attenella attenuata
Attenella margarita
Attenella sp.
Dannella simplex
Dannella sp.
Drunella cornuta
Drunella cornutella
Drunella lata
Drunella sp.
Drunella tuberculata
Drunella walkeri
Ephemerella aurivillii
Ephemerella dorothea
Ephemerella excrucians
Ephemerella invaria
Ephemerella needhami
Ephemerella rotunda
Ephemerella sp.
Ephemerella subvaria
Eurylophella funeralis
Eurylophella sp.
Eurylophella temporalis
Serratella serratoides
Serratella deficiens
Serratella molita
Serratella serrata
Serratella sordida
Serratella sp.
Ephemeridae Ephemera sp.
Hexagenia sp.
Litobrancha sp.
Heptagenniidae Cinygmula sp.
Epeorus sp.
Heptagenia sp.
Leucrocuta sp.
Maccaffertium exiguum
Maccaffertium ithaca
Maccaffertium luteum
Maccaffertium mediopunctatum
Maccaffertium meririvulanum
Maccaffertium mexicanum integrum
Maccaffertium modestum
Maccaffertium pulchellum
Maccaffertium terminatum
Maccaffertium vicarium
Nixe sp.
Rhithrogena sp.
Stenacron sp.
Stenonema femoratum

Isonychiidae Isonychia bicolor
Isonychia obscura
Leptohyphidae Tricorythodes sp.
Leptophlebiidae Choroterpes sp.
Habrophlebia sp.
Habrophlebiodes sp.
Leptophlebia sp.
Paraleptophlebia sp.
Metretopodidae Siphloplecton sp.
Polymitarcyidae Ephoron sp.
Potamanthidae Anthopotamus verticis
Siphlonuridae Siphlonurus sp.
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