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Caddisfly (Trichoptera)

The caddisfly distribution maps represent the known range of each species in New York as reported by the DEC Stream Biomonitoring Unit from 1984-2009. For general information about biomonitoring and links to general characteristics and pictures of caddisflies visit the Biomonitoring web page.

Caddisfly (Trichoptera)
Family Link to Map of Species Abundance and Water Quality
Brachycentridae Adicrophelps sp.
Brachycentrus americanus
Brachycentrus appalachia
Brachycentrus incanus
Brachycentrus lateralis
Brachycentrus nigrosoma
Brachycentrus numerosus
Brachycentrus solomoni
Brachycentrus sp.
Micrasema sp.
Dipseudopsidae Polycentropus sp.
Glossosmatidae Agapetus sp.
Glossosoma sp.
Protoptila sp.
Helicopsychidae Helicopsyche sp.
Hydropsychidae Arctopsyche sp.
Ceratopsyche alhedra
Ceratopsyche alternans
Ceratopsyche bronta
Ceratopsyche morosa
Ceratopsyche slossonae
Ceratopsyche sparna
Ceratopsyche ventura
Ceratopsyche walkeri
Cheumatopsyche sp.
Diplectrona sp.
Hydropsyche betteni
Hydropsyche dicantha
Hydropsyche leonardi
Hydropsyche orris
Hydropsyche phalerata
Hydropsyche scalaris
Hydropsyche valanis
Hydropsyche venularis
Parapsyche apicalis
Potamyia sp.
Hydroptilidae Agraylea sp.
Hydroptila sp.
Ithytrichia sp.
Leucotrichia sp.
Neotrichia sp.
Orthotrichia sp.
Oxyethira sp.
Palaeagapetus sp.
Leptoceridae Ceraclea sp.
Mystacides sp.
Nectopsyche sp.
Oecetis sp.
Setodes sp.
Triaenodes sp.
Limnephilidae Hesperophylax
Hydatophylax sp.
Limnephilus sp.
Pseudostenophylax sp.
Psychoglypha sp.
Molannidae Molanna sp.
Odontoceridae Psilotreta sp.
Philopotamidae Chimarra sp.
Chimarra aterrima
Chimarra obscura
Chimarra socia
Dolophilodes sp.
Wormaldia sp.
Phryaneidae Oligostomis
Pycnopsyche sp.
Polycentropodidae Cyrnellus fraternus
Neureclipsis sp.
Nyctiophylax sp.
Psychomyiidae Lype diversa
Psychomyia flavida
Rhyaophilidae Rhyacophila acutiloba
Rhyacophila atrata
Rhyacophila brunnea
Rhyacophila carolina
Rhyacophila carpenteri
Rhyacophila formosa
Rhyacophila fuscula
Rhyacophila glaberrima
Rhyacophila mainensis
Rhyacophila manistee
Rhyacophila minor
Rhyacophila nigrita
Rhyacophila torva

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