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Stonefly (Plecoptera)

The Stonefly distribution maps represent the known range of each species in New York as reported by the DEC Stream Biomonitoring Unit from 1984-2009. For general information about biomonitoring and links to general characteristics and pictures of stoneflies visit the Biomonitoring web page.

Stonefly (Plecoptera)
Family Link to Map of Species Abundance and Water Quality
Capniidae Allocapnia sp.
Paracapnia sp.
Leutridae Leuctra sp.
Nemouridae Amphinemura sp.
Nemoura sp.
Ostrocerca sp.
Shipsa sp.
Soyedina sp.
Perlidae Acroneuria abnormis
Acroneuria arenosa
Acroneuria carolinensis
Acroneuria lycorias
Agnetina annulipes
Agnetina capitata
Agnetina flavescens

Pelodidae Cultus sp.
Diura sp.
Isogenoides sp.
Isoperla sp.
Malirekus sp.
Pteronarcyidae Peltoperlidae
Pteronarcys biloba
Pteronarcys comstocki
Pteronarcys dorsata
Pteronarcys proteus
Taeniopterygidae Strophopteryx fasciata
Taenionema atlanticum
Taenionema sp.
Taeniopteryx burksi
Taeniopteryx lonicera
Taeniopteryx nivalis
Taeniopteryx parvula
Taeniopteryx sp.

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