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Breeding Bird Atlas Newsletter Archives

Newsletters printed during Atlas 2000 are listed with the most current newsletter at the top of the page. Newsletters from the 1980-85 Atlas can be found by scrolling down the page. They are ordered with the first issue (September 1980) at the top of the list.

Newsletters from 2000-2005 Atlas

February 2005 Number Nine (PDF, 386kb, 8 pages)

Co-editors on Board for Atlas Publication - Hudson - Mohawk Region 8 - Meet Our Regional Coordinators: Jane Graves and Mark Fitzsimmons - Hudson Mohawk Region 8 - Atlas 2000 from Start to Finish - Atlas by Bike - Changes in Hudson - Delaware Region 9 - Fieldwork in 2005 - Atlas Musings - The Philadelphia Story - Soliciting Photos

November 2003 Number Eight (PDF, 474kb, 8 pages)

A Message from the Project Coordinator on the Eve of Year Five - Sandhill Crane Breeding Confirmed - Meet Our Regional Coordinators: Mike Peterson - Adirondack - Champlain Region 7 - Clay-colored Sparrow Surge - Tips & Tales - Atlasing for Owls

April 2003 Number Seven (PDF, 470kb, 8 pages)

Three Field Seasons Gone, Two Field Seasons Ahead - Meet Our Regional Coordinators: Bob Long - St. Lawrence Region 6 - Tips & Tales - Determining Atlas Block Number from GPS Coordinates - Common Nighthawks - Atlas 2000 Website - Hot Blocks Up for Grabs - Keep Those Notable Species Forms Coming!

October 2002 Number Six (PDF, 283kb, 8 pages)

What Information is Now Available on the Atlas Website? - Meet Our Regional Coordinators: Dorothy W. Crumb and Bill Purcell - Oneida Basin Region 5 - The Mystery Birds Revisited: Sora and Virginia Rail - Bicycle Atlasing - Tips & Tales - Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow - Urban Atlasing - Secret Valley Birds - Data Data Data

April 2002 Number Five (PDF, 254kb, 8 pages)

Field Season 2001 - Canada Geese and Wild Turkeys: an update - Helpful Hint: field cards - Words from the Field - Migrating Bird Atlas or Breeding Bird Atlas? - Sedge Wren - Merlin: a new bird on the block - Meet our Regional Coordinators: Susquehanna Region 4, Tom Salo and Bob Donnelly - Region 4: Susquehanna - We Will Miss You, Chad - The Halfway Mark - Atlas Results Available

October 2001 Number Four (PDF, 87kb, 8 pages)

Documenting Louisiana Waterthrush - Hints for the Less Experienced Birder - Posted No Trespassing - My First Day as an Atlas Volunteer - Region 3 Finger Lakes - Meet our Regional Coordinators: Bard Prentiss - The Education of Atlas Observers - Atlas Volunteers Go the Extra Mile - Annual Summary Form Edits - Species Lists

April 2001 Number Three (PDF, 751kb, 8 pages)

Field Season 2000 - Clarifications of the Breeding Codes - Notable Species Form Protocol Update - Using the Casual Observation Form - Atlasing Gulls - Remember Long Pond! - BBA T-shirts Available - Breeding Season Dates - How to Recognize Nestlings and Fledglings - Meet our Regional Coordinators: Robert Spahn and Dominic Sherony - Region 2, Genesee - Atlas Volunteers to be Recognized - Frequently Asked Questions

October 2000 Number Two (PDF, 138kb, 8 pages)

Region 1 The Niagara Frontier - Crossbill Invasion: Here they come! Are you ready? - Richard C. Rosche, Region 1 Coordinator - Frequently Asked Questions - BBA Blockbusting Field Trips - Breeding Code Clarifications - House Wren - Scannable Forms - Tips & Tales - About the Newsletter - Where is My Newsletter? - We Want Your Input

May 2000 Number One (PDF, 523kb, 6 pages)

A Different Way to Watch Birds - Atlas 2000 Website - Volunteer Registration - Atlasing Calendar - Conservation Opportunities for Birders - Owls: How to Find Them - The People Behind the Atlas - We'd Like Your Input - Firsts of Atlas 2000 - Regional Coordinators - First Atlas Publication Still Available - We Want You!

Newsletters from 1980-1985 Atlas

September 1980 Number One (PDF, 209kb, 6 pages)

Message from the Chairman - Atlasing in the Adirondacks: Mike Peterson's Journal - What We Hear - Bits and Pieces - What We're all About - Computer Update - The Making of the Maps - Above and Beyond - Hints to the Less Experienced Birder - Natasha Atkins Leaves - Atlas Logo and Letterhead

April 1981 Number Two (PDF, 330kb, 6 pages)

We're Out of the Nest and Flying! - Atlas Highlights - Owls: How to Find Them - Funds for Nongame Wildlife - Questions we Hear - Eagles Can't Count - Wildlife Festival on Long Island

September 1981 Number Three (PDF, 149kb, 6 pages)

Atlasing in Region 1: The Niagara Frontier - Regional Coordinators: What do they do? - Robert F. Andrle, Region 1 Coordinator - Atlas Data: Ownership and Release - Peregrines in the North Country - Mergansers: Their similarities and Differences - Confirming the Chimney Swift - Forster's Tern: A New Breeding Species - An Atlas Dilemna - Northeast Atlas Conference - Atlas Workshop - Help! - Atlas T-shirts

January 1982 Number Four (PDF, 82kb, 6 pages)

Hawks: How to Find Them - Atlasing in Region 2: Genesee - Robert G. Spahn: Region 2 Coordinator - Locating Goshawks - Owling - Some Atlas Thoughts

May 1982 Number Five (PDF, 227kb, 8 pages)

The Case of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Confirming the Belted Kingfisher - Atlasing in Region 3: The Finger Lakes - Dr. Meade Named Outstanding Conservationist by Wildlife Society - Confirming the Brown Creeper - 1981 Atlas Highlights - What Constitutes Adequate Coverage? - The Breeding Criteria Codes: a review - A Word of Caution about Approaching Nests - Dorothy McIllroy, Region 3 Coordinator - Reporting Winged Warbler Breedings and Other Hybridizations

September 1982 Number Six (PDF, 261kb, 8 pages)

Atlasing in Region 4: Susquehanna - Jay Lehman: Region 4 Coordinator - Atlasing for Alderand Willow Flycatchers - BIRD is a Four Letter Word - Follow Your Nose - Some Observations of Ovenbirds and Veeries - Reference Books for Atlas Workers - Who Pays the Piper? - Return a Gift to Wildlife - Bird Atlas Workshop and Get Together - Computer Maps

January 1983 Number Seven (PDF, 104kb, 7 pages)

Blockbusting Begins - Northern Saw-whet Owl - Atlasing in Region 5: The Oneida Lake Basin - The Living Bird Quarterly - Dorothy Crumb: Region 5 Coordinator - Name Changes of North American Birds - The Challenge of the Short-eared Owl - Atlasing Calendar - Owling Time Again - Northern Oriole Interim Distribution Map

May 1983 Number Eight (PDF, 188kb, 8 pages)

The Push to the Finish - NYS Atlas Coverage 1980-82 - Help: Solitary Vireo - Endangered and Threatened Species List - Help: Mourning Warbler - Help: Orchard Oriole - Atlasing in Region 6: St. Lawrence County - Region 6 Coordinators: Bob and June Walker, Lee Chamberlaine - Atlas Survey: 1981-82, Brewster's Warbler - Confirming the Hooded Warbler - Rails: The Mystery Birds - The NY Atlas at Work - Nesting Boxes for Cavity Nesting Ducks

September 1983 Number Nine (PDF, 333kb, 8 pages)

From Stake-drivers to Green-backs: An Atlas Guide to Wading Birds of Long Island - Distraction Display in Northern Waterthrush - In a Remote Bog... - Who is Janet? What is She? - Marked Black-crowned Night-Herons - Atlasing in Region 10: The Marine Region - Gil Raynor: Region 10 Coordinator - Roseate Terns: Distribution, Identification, Ecology - Hints on Haunts Available from Regional Coordinators - Black Ducks Given Further Support - Peregrine Progress - Sora Confirmation

January 1984 Number Ten (PDF, 457kb, 7 pages)

Where Does the Atlas Stand Now? - An Atlas Glossary - Owling: A Special Kind of Birding - Owls Owls Owls: Your Last Chance - Looking for the Long-eared Owl - Atlasing in Region 7: Adirondack-Champlain - John M.C. Peterson: Region 7 Coordinator - Blockbusting Positions - You are an Atlaser! Now Join the Federation - Backyard Boreals

May 1984 Number Eleven (PDF, 304kb, 6 pages)

1984 The Year of the Atlas - Just Keep on Looking - 1983: The Best Atlas Year Ever - The Top 76 - Gift to Wildlife Funds Atlas - Wanted: Confirmed Breeding - Atlas Anecdotes - Warning: Yellow-billed and Black-billed Cuckoos

October 1984 Number Twelve (PDF, 141kb, 6 pages)

Thanks, Thanks, and Again Thanks for a Job Well Done - Atlasing Misadventures - Distraction Display in Louisiana Waterthrush - Say What? - Atlasing in North America - Volunteers - Fringe Benefits - Everything is Somewhere - Of Cones and Crossbills: A Last Chance - New Breeding Species

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