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Look For and Report EAB

person looking for signs of emerald ash borer
Fill out and return the EAB Survey Form.

Do your part to find emerald ash borer (EAB) and Save Trees!

The first step to effectively manage EAB is to identify current infestations. State and federal agencies are extensively monitoring for EAB but early infestations are difficult to detect.

The help of New York's citizens is vital to detecting the signs and symptoms of EAB and to finding infestations early. This will slow the spread of EAB, prevent tree deaths, and could save communities potentially millions of dollars in tree removal costs.

Please use the EAB Early Detection Brochure (PDF) (397 KB) to learn how to spot infestations, and the EAB Survey Form (PDF) (172 KB) to report what you see (even if you don't find EAB).

EAB identification

image of EAB on a penny to show size
EAB is a very small insect
Howard Russell, MI State U.

The emerald ash borer (EAB) (Agrilus planipennis) is a very small but very destructive beetle. It has four life stages: adult, egg, larva and pupa. The adult beetle has a shiny emerald green body with a coppery red or purple abdomen. The beetle measures 1/2 inch long and 1/8 inch wide.

It is important to know how to identify the emerald ash borer and ash trees so you can make educated decisions about your trees.

Links to additional information to help identify the emerald ash borer and ash trees can be found in the right column.

image of emerald ash borer showing a coppery red upper abdomen
Notice the coppery red color of
the EAB's upper abdomen.
emerald ash borer larvae
EAB larvae

Insects that look similar to EAB.

Bronze birch borer Agrilus Anxius
Bronze birch borer
Agrilus anxius
Japanese beetle Popillia japonica
Japanese beetle
Popillia japonica
Six-spotted tiger beetle Cicendela sexguttata
Six-spotted tiger beetle
Cicendela sexguttata

Metalic wood borer Dicerca divaricata
Metalic wood borer
Dicerca divaricata
Metalic wood borer Buprestis striata
Metalic wood borer
Buprestis striata
Tow-lined chestnut borer Agrilus bilineatus
Two-lined chestnut borer
Agrilus bilineatus

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