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Bowhunter Sighting Log

A Bowhunter in a Tree

The New York Bowhunter Sighting Log is designed to provide information on long-term population trends for selected wildlife species. The log was started on an experimental basis in several areas of the state in 1995. It was expanded to cover the entire state in the fall 1998. These type of data are collected by New York and a number of other states as an index of wildlife populations. As data accumulate, we are better able to track population changes and improve our ability to make management decisions for a variety of species.

Bowhunters who are cooperators in the sighting log keep a diary of their bowhunting activities. They also record the number of animals of several species that they see from their stand. These logs are summarized and a sighting index (the number of sightings per 1,000 hours) is calculated for each species by Wildlife Management Unit.

Survey Results

Bowhunter Sighting Log Index for Turkey and Deer, 1998-2014 (PDF) (149 kB)

Bowhunter Sighting Log Index for Furbearers, 1998-2014 (PDF) (41 kB)

Graph showing the number of total deer, does & fawns, and bucks seen per 1000 hours from 1998 to 2016. Graph showing the number of red fox, gray fox, coyote, and raccoon per 1000 hours from 2002 to 2016.

Want to help?

We need more bowhunter participation in: northern, eastern, and southeastern counties, and in Suffolk and Westchester counties.

To participate in the 2018 Bowhunter Sighting Log or to get more information about the sighting log, e-mail us.

Please provide:

  • name
  • address
  • hunter ID (back tag number)
  • list of the counties where you hunt
  • whether or not you have participated in New York's bowhunter log in any previous year

Thank you for your interest!