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Prevent the Spread of Terrestrial Invasive Species

Seeds stuck to pants
Invasive plants can be spread by seeds
stuck to clothing.

People unknowingly spread invasive pests during everyday outdoor activities. You can help prevent the spread of terrestrial invasive species by following the quick and easy tips below.

Learn and Gear Up

Before and After Outdoor Activities

  • Look for and remove
    cleaning boot treads can prevent the spread of invasive species.
    Cleaning boot treads can prevent the spread
    of invasive species.
    e seeds, plant pieces, and insects on:
    • Hair and clothing,
    • Gear and equipment,
    • Vehicles and trailers,
    • Dogs, horses and other animals.
  • Clean off dirt/mud which could harbor unseen pests.
  • Dispose of debris at designated cleaning stations or waste-disposal areas. If these areas are unavailable, clean in parking lots or driveways where invasive pests are unlikely to spread.
  • Avoid cleaning near waterways; invasive species may spread to new areas downstream.

Follow State Regulations

Spread the Word

  • Share what you learn about invasive species with your friends, family and coworkers.

Get Involved

For questions or to report an invasive species sighting, call the Forest Health Information Line toll-free 1-866-640-0652.

Helpful links:

Rakes and other tools can transport invasive species from one yard to another.
Rakes and other yard tools can transport invasive
species from one property to another.