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White-tailed Deer

Pullouts from the Conservationist:

Painting of a White-tailed Deer by Jean Gawalt
Art by Jean Gawalt

The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is New York's most popular game animal and is found throughout the state Residents and visitors to the state derive countless hours of enjoyment from the white-tailed deer resource Each year, more than 500,000 deer hunters contribute nearly $690 million to New York State's economy through hunting related expenses, and through license purchases and federal excise taxes hunters generate over $35 million to support management activities of NYSDEC Hunters take some 220,000 deer annually, filling freezers with roughly 10.8 million pounds of high quality local venison, and due largely to efforts of more than 3,000 volunteer Sportsman Education instructors, hunters continue to demonstrate exceptional safety records

Aside from the recreation and economic benefit deer afford to New Yorkers, as a large herbivore, deer also play a role in shaping the landscape and can compete with human interests Abundant deer populations can negatively affect plant communities and the other wildlife dependent on those communities Deer can also cause problems for farmers, tree growers and homeowners and are a frequent hazard for motorists Management of deer in New York seeks to maximize the benefits of this important resource while being mindful of the human and ecological concerns associated with abundant deer populations.

On this page you'll find links with information on how the Department of Environmental Conservation manages white-tailed deer in New York.

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