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Marine Fish

beady eyes of a summer flounder
The beady eyes of a summer flounder
(a saltwater fish), help them spot prey while
they lay camouflaged on the ocean bottom.
~Photo courtesy of nbii-life: Bruce
Avera Hunter

Migratory Fish, Saltwater Fish: What's the Difference?

Migratory Fish

  • Referred to as "diadramous", these fish use both saltwater and freshwater habitats during their life cycle. Species can be anadromous, living primarily in the ocean and along the coast, but migrate up rivers to spawn, or catadromous, living primarily in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers but migrate out to the sea to spawn.
    Examples of "anadromous" fish are: American shad, river herring, striped bass and Atlantic sturgeon. Example of "catadromous" fish is the America eel.
  • These fish are unique since they have to modify their internal body structure, such as their tissues and blood to survive their migration between the two habitats of freshwater and saltwater.

Saltwater Fish

Offshore Saltwater Sportfish (PDF) (563 KB)

As the name implies, these fish live their entire lives in saltwater; ranging from shoal areas along the coast to the deep abyss of the ocean.

New York's Fish

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