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Active Inventory List

This list contains the family name, plant name, Heritage rank, and state legal status for 574 plants that the NY Natural Heritage Program actively tracks and surveys. It contains most plant taxa (species, subspecies and varieties) that have fewer than 30 occurrences in the state and are considered highly vulnerable to extirpation. They have been documented by a Heritage report and a herbarium specimen or photograph in the last 20-30 years. It also contains rare historical taxa (those plants that have not been documented in the last 20-30 years) and the extirpated taxa (those that are considered no longer extant in the state).

To sort the following table, click on the sort arrows next to any of the heading names as needed. Detailed information regarding categories; rank; and legal status can be found on this page by scrolling past the table or by simply using one of the links below.

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Active Inventory List
Family Scientific Name Common Name Global
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha virginica Virginia Three-seeded Mercury G5 S1 E
Ranunculaceae Aconitum noveboracense Northern Monkshood G3 S1 E
Adoxaceae Adoxa moschatellina Musk Root G5 S1 E
Orobanchaceae Agalinis decemloba Sandplain Agalinis G3G4 S1 E
Orobanchaceae Agalinis maritima var. maritima Seaside Agalinis G5T5 S2S3 T
Lamiaceae Agastache nepetoides Yellow Giant-hyssop G5 S2S3 T
Asteraceae Ageratina aromatica Small White Snakeroot G5 S1 E
Rosaceae Agrimonia rostellata Woodland Agrimony G5 S2 T
Poaceae Agrostis mertensii Northern Bentgrass G5 S2 T
Nartheciaceae Aletris farinosa Stargrass G5 S2 T
Amaryllidaceae Allium cernuum Wild Onion G5 S2 T
Amaryllidaceae Allium schoenoprasum Wild Chives G5 S1 U
Amaryllidaceae Allium tricoccum var. burdickii Burdick's Wild Leek G4G5 SH E
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus pumilus Seabeach Amaranth G2 S2 T
Rosaceae Amelanchier nantucketensis Nantucket Juneberry G3Q S1 E
Orchidaceae Amerorchis rotundifolia Round-leaved Orchis G5 SX U
Melanthiaceae Amianthium muscitoxicum Fly-poison G4G5 SX U
Poaceae Amphicarpum amphicarpon Peanut Grass G4 SH E
Boraginaceae Andersonglossum boreale Northern Wild Comfrey G5T4T5 S1S2 E
Boraginaceae Andersonglossum virginianum Wild Comfrey G5T5 SH E
Ranunculaceae Anemone multifida var. multifida Cut-leaf Anemone G5T5 SX U
Apiaceae Angelica lucida Seacoast Angelica G5 S2 T
Apiaceae Angelica venenosa Hairy Angelica G5 S1 R
Poaceae Anthoxanthum monticola ssp. monticola Alpine Sweetgrass G5T3T5 S2 E
Melanthiaceae Anticlea elegans var. glauca Mountain Death Camas G5T4T5 S2 T
Orchidaceae Aplectrum hyemale Puttyroot G5 S1 E
Araliaceae Aralia spinosa Devil's Walking-stick G5 S1 U
Orchidaceae Arethusa bulbosa Dragon's Mouth Orchid G5 S2 T
Poaceae Aristida geniculata Slender Threeawn G5T5? S1 U
Poaceae Aristida longespica Slender Threeawn G5 SH U
Asteraceae Arnica lanceolata ssp. lanceolata Lanceleaf Arnica G5T3T4 S1 E
Asteraceae Arnoglossum atriplicifolium Pale Indian-plantain G4G5 SH E
Apocynaceae Asclepias purpurascens Purple Milkweed G5? S2S3 T
Apocynaceae Asclepias rubra Red Milkweed G4G5 SX U
Apocynaceae Asclepias variegata White Milkweed G5 S1 E
Apocynaceae Asclepias viridiflora Green Milkweed G5 S2 T
Annonaceae Asimina triloba Pawpaw G5 S2 T
Aspleniaceae Asplenium bradleyi Bradley's Spleenwort G4 SH E
Aspleniaceae Asplenium montanum Mountain Spleenwort G5 S2S3 T
Aspleniaceae Asplenium pinnatifidum Pinnatifid Spleenwort G4 SX U
Aspleniaceae Asplenium scolopendrium var. americanum Hart's-tongue Fern G4T3 S1 T
Aspleniaceae Asplenium viride Green Spleenwort G4 S1 E
Fabaceae Astragalus neglectus Cooper's Milkvetch G4 S1 E
Athyriaceae Athyrium asplenioides Southern Lady Fern G5T5 S2 U
Amaranthaceae Atriplex dioica Thickleaf Orach G5 S1 E
Amaranthaceae Atriplex glabriuscula Seaside Orach G4 S1 E
Gentianaceae Bartonia paniculata ssp. paniculata Screw-stem G5T5 S1 E
Apiaceae Berula erecta Wild Parsnip G4G5 SX U
Betulaceae Betula glandulosa Tundra Dwarf Birch G5 S1 E
Betulaceae Betula minor Dwarf White Birch G4G5Q S1 E
Betulaceae Betula pumila Swamp Birch G5 S2 T
Asteraceae Bidens bidentoides Delmarva Beggar-ticks G3G4 S3 R
Asteraceae Bidens eatonii Eaton's Beggar-ticks G3 S1 U
Asteraceae Bidens laevis Smooth Beggar-ticks G5 S2 T
Lamiaceae Blephilia ciliata Downy Wood mint G5 S1 E
Brassicaceae Boechera grahamii Purple Rock Cress G5 S2 T
Brassicaceae Boechera stricta Drummond's Rock Cress G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Bolboschoenus maritimus ssp. paludosus Seaside Bulrush G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Bolboschoenus novae-angliae Saltmarsh Bulrush G5 S1 E
Brassicaceae Borodinia dentata Toothed Rock Cress G5 SH T
Brassicaceae Borodinia missouriensis Green Rock Cress G5 S2 T
Ophioglossaceae Botrychium campestre Prairie Dunewort G3G4 SH E
Ophioglossaceae Botrychium lunaria Common Moonwort G5 S1 E
Ophioglossaceae Botrychium minganense Mingan Moonwort G4G5 S1 E
Ophioglossaceae Botrychium oneidense Blunt-lobe Grape Fern G4 S2S3 T
Ophioglossaceae Botrychium rugulosum Rugulose Grape Fern G3 S1 E
Poaceae Bouteloua curtipendula var. curtipendula Side-oats Grama G5T5 S2 E
Poaceae Bromus nottowayanus Nottoway Brome Grass G3G5 S1S2 E
Orobanchaceae Buchnera americana Blue-hearts G5? SH E
Poaceae Calamagrostis canadensis var. macouniana Macoun's Bluejoint Grass G5T5? SH U
Poaceae Calamagrostis perplexa Wood Reed Grass G1 S1 E
Poaceae Calamagrostis porteri ssp. porteri Porter's Reed Grass G4T4 S1S2 E
Poaceae Calamagrostis stricta ssp. inexpansa New England Northern Reed Grass G5T5 S2 T
Poaceae Calamagrostis stricta ssp. stricta Northern Reed Grass G5T5 S1 E
Plantanginaceae Callitriche hermaphroditica Autumnal Water-starwort G5 S1 E
Plantanginaceae Callitriche terrestris Terrestrial Starwort G5 S2S3 T
Orchidaceae Calypso bulbosa var. americana Calypso G5T5? SH E
Campanulaceae Campanula americana Tall Bellflower G5 S1 E
Brassicaceae Cardamine douglassii Purple Cress G5 S2S3 T
Brassicaceae Cardamine rotundifolia Mountain Watercress G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex abscondita Thicket Sedge G4G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex aggregata Glomerate Sedge G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex arcta Northern Clustered Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex atratiformis Scabrous Black Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex backii Back's Sedge G5 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex barrattii Barratt's Sedge G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex bigelowii ssp. bigelowii Bigelow's Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex bullata Button Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex buxbaumii Brown Bog Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex capillaris Hair-like Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex careyana Carey's Sedge G4G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex caroliniana Carolina Sedge G5 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex chordorrhiza Creeping Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex collinsii Collins' Sedge G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex conjuncta Soft Fox Sedge G4G5 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex crawei Crawe's Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex cumulata Clustered Sedge G4? S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex davisii Davis' Sedge G4 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex debilis var. debilis White-edge Sedge G5T5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex decomposita Cypress-knee Sedge G3G4 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex echinodes Bristly Nodding Sedge G5TNR S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex emoryi Emory's Sedge G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex formosa Handsome Sedge G4 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex frankii Frank's Sedge G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex garberi Elk Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex glaucodea Glaucous Sedge G5T5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex gynocrates Northern Bog Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex haydenii Cloud Sedge G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex hormathodes Marsh Straw Sedge G4G5 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex houghtoniana Houghton's Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex jamesii James' Sedge G5 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex livida Livid Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex lupuliformis False Hop Sedge G4 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex meadii Mead's Sedge G4G5 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex merritt-fernaldii Fernald's Sedge G5 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex mesochorea Midland Sedge G4G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex mitchelliana Mitchell's Sedge G4 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex molesta Troublesome Sedge G4 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex nigra Black Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex nigromarginata Black-edge Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Carex polymorpha Variable Sedge G3 SX U
Cyperaceae Carex retroflexa Reflexed Sedge G5 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex reznicekii Reznicek's Sedge G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex richardsonii Richardson's Sedge G5 SX U
Cyperaceae Carex sartwellii Sartwell's Sedge G4G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex schweinitzii Schweinitz's Sedge G3G4 S2S3 T
Cyperaceae Carex scirpoidea ssp. scirpoidea Canadian Single-spike Sedge G5T5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex shortiana Short's Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex straminea Straw Sedge G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex striatula Lined Sedge G4G5 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex styloflexa Bent Sedge G4G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex sychnocephala Many-head Sedge G4 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex tenuiflora Sparse-flowered Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex tincta Tinged Sedge G4G5 SH E
Cyperaceae Carex typhina Cat-tail Sedge G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Carex vaginata Sheathed Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex venusta Dark-green sedge G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carex wiegandii Wiegand's Sedge G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Carya laciniosa Big Shellbark Hickory G5 S2 T
Orobanchaceae Castilleja coccinea Scarlet Indian-paintbrush G5 S1 E
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus herbaceus Prairie Redroot G5 S1 E
Poaceae Cenchrus tribuloides Dune Sandspur G5 S2 T
Apiaceae Chaerophyllum procumbens var. procumbens Spreading Chervil G5T5 S1 E
Cupressaceae Chamaecyparis thyoides Atlantic White Cedar G4 S2 T
Melanthiaceae Chamaelirium luteum Fairy Wand G5 S1S2 E
Poaceae Chasmanthium laxum Slender Spikegrass G5 S1 E
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium berlandieri var. macrocalycium Large Calyx Goosefoot G5T4 S1S2 E
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium foggii Fogg's Goosefoot G2G3 S1 U
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium standleyanum Standley's Goosefoot G5 S1S3 U
Asteraceae Cirsium altissimum Tall Thistle G5 SX U
Ranunculaceae Clematis ochroleuca Curly-heads G4 SX U
Lamiaceae Clinopodium arkansanum Calamint G5 SX U
Fabaceae Clitoria mariana var. mariana Butterfly Pea G5TNR SX U
Poaceae Coleataenia anceps ssp. anceps Beaked Panic Grass G5TNR SX U
Poaceae Coleataenia stipitata Tall Flat Panic Grass G5T4T5 SH E
Plantanginaceae Collinsia verna Blue-eyed-Mary G5 SH E
Commelinaceae Commelina erecta Slender Dayflower G5 SX U
Orchidaceae Corallorhiza odontorhiza var. pringlei Autumn Coral-root G5T2T4 SX U
Orchidaceae Corallorhiza striata var. striata Striped Coralroot G5T5 S1 E
Ericaceae Corema conradii Broom Crowberry G4 S1 E
Asteraceae Coreopsis rosea Rose Coreopsis G3 S3 R
Cornaceae Cornus drummondii Rough-leaf Dogwood G5 S1 E
Papaveraceae Corydalis aurea ssp. aurea Golden Corydalis G5T5 S2 T
Crassulaceae Crassula aquatica Water Pigmyweed G5 S1 E
Rosaceae Crataegus lumaria Thorny Hawthorn G3G4 SH U
Rosaceae Crataegus magniflora Large-flowered Hawthorn G3G5 SH U
Rosaceae Crataegus pennsylvanica Pennsylvania Hawthorn G3 S1 U
Rosaceae Crataegus straminea Straw-colored Hawthorn GNRTNR SH U
Rosaceae Crataegus uniflora Dwarf Hawthorn G5 SH E
Hymenophyllaceae Crepidomanes intricatum Appalachian Bristle Fern G4G5 S1 E
Cistaceae Crocanthemum dumosum Bushy Rockrose G3 S2 T
Cistaceae Crocanthemum propinquum Early Frostweed G4 S2 T
Fabaceae Crotalaria sagittalis Rattlebox G5 S1 E
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta campestris Field Dodder G5 S1 E
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta cephalanthi Buttonbush Dodder G5 S1 E
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta obtusiflora var. glandulosa Southern Dodder G5T4T5 S1S2 E
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta polygonorum Smartweed Dodder G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Cyperus echinatus Globose Flatsedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Cyperus flavescens Yellow Flatsedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Cyperus lupulinus ssp. lupulinus Great Plains Flatsedge G5T5? S1S2 T
Cyperaceae Cyperus polystachyos Coast Flatsedge G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Cyperus retrorsus Retrorse Flatsedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Cyperus subsquarrosus Dwarf Bulrush G5 S1 E
Orchidaceae Cypripedium arietinum Ram's-head Lady's Slipper G3 S2 T
Orchidaceae Cypripedium candidum Small White Lady's Slipper G4 S1 E
Orchidaceae Cypripedium parviflorum var. parviflorum Small Southern Yellow Lady's Slipper G5T3T5 SH E
Cystopteridaceae Cystopteris protrusa Lowland Fragile Fern G5 S1 E
Brassicaceae Descurainia pinnata ssp. brachycarpa Northern Tansy-mustard G5T5 S1 E
Fabaceae Desmodium ciliare Little-leaf Tick Trefoil G5 S2S3 T
Fabaceae Desmodium laevigatum Smooth Tick Trefoil G5 SH E
Fabaceae Desmodium nuttallii Nuttall's Tick Trefoil G5 SH E
Fabaceae Desmodium obtusum Stiff Tick Trefoil G4G5 S1 E
Diapensiaceae Diapensia lapponica Diapensia G3G5 S2 T
Poaceae Diarrhena obovata Beakgrass G4G5 S2 T
Poaceae Dichanthelium leibergii Leiberg's Panic Grass G5 S1 E
Poaceae Dichanthelium scoparium Velvet Panic Grass G5 S1 E
Poaceae Dichanthelium wrightianum Wright's Panic Grass G4 S1S2 E
Poaceae Digitaria filiformis var. filiformis Slender Crabgrass G5TNR S1 E
Ebenaceae Diospyros virginiana Persimmon G5 S2 T
Lycopodiaceae Diphasiastrum complanatum Northern Running-pine G5 S1S2 E
Lycopodiaceae Diphasiastrum sitchense Sitka Clubmoss G5 S1 E
Poaceae Diplachne fusca ssp. fascicularis Salt-meadow Grass G5T5 S1S2 E
Brassicaceae Draba arabisans Rock Whitlow Grass G4 S2 T
Brassicaceae Draba glabella Smooth Whitlow Grass G5 S1 E
Lamiaceae Dracocephalum parviflorum American Dragonhead G5 S1 E
Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris celsa Log Fern G4 S1 E
Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris fragrans Fragrant Cliff Fern G5 S1S2 E
Elatinaceae Elatine americana American Waterwort G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis aestuum Tidal Spike Rush G3 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis ambigens Creeping Spike Rush G4G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis diandra Wright's Spike Rush G2 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis engelmannii var. engelmannii Engelmann's Spike Rush G4G5TNR S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis equisetoides Knotted Spike Rush G4 S2 T
Cyperaceae Eleocharis ovata Ovate Spike Rush G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis quadrangulata Angled Spike Rush G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis tenuis var. pseudoptera Slender Spike Rush G5T5? S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis tortilis Twisted Spike Rush G5 SX U
Cyperaceae Eleocharis tricostata Three-ribbed Spike Rush G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Eleocharis tuberculosa Long-tubercled Spike Rush G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Eleocharis uniglumis Salt-marsh Spike Rush G5 S2 T
Boraginaceae Ellisia nyctelea Waterpod G5 SX U
Ericaceae Empetrum atropurpureum Purple Crowberry G5T5 S1 E
Ericaceae Empetrum nigrum Black Crowberry G5 S2 R
Aristolochiaceae Endodeca serpentaria Virginia Snakeroot G4 S2 T
Ranunculaceae Enemion biternatum False Rue-anemone G5 SX U
Onagraceae Epilobium hornemannii ssp. hornemannii Alpine Willow-herb G5T5 S1 E
Equisetaceae Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail G5 S2 T
Equisetaceae Equisetum pratense Meadow Horsetail G5 S2 T
Asteraceae Erechtites hieraciifolius var. megalocarpus Large Fruited Fireweed G5T3 S1 E
Apiaceae Erigenia bulbosa Harbinger-of-spring G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Erigeron hyssopifolius Daisy Fleabane G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Erigeron philadelphicus var. provancheri Provancher's Fleabane G5T3Q S1 E
Eriocaulaceae Eriocaulon parkeri Estuary Hatpins G3 SX U
Apiaceae Eryngium aquaticum var. aquaticum Marsh Eryngo G4T4 SX U
Celastraceae Euonymus americanus American Strawberry-bush G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Eupatorium leucolepis White-bracted Boneset G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Eupatorium pubescens Serrate Round-leaf Boneset G5T5 S1 E
Asteraceae Eupatorium resinosum Pine Barrens Boneset G3 SX U
Asteraceae Eupatorium rotundifolium Round-leaf Boneset G5 SH E
Asteraceae Eupatorium subvenosum Trinerved White Boneset G5T4 S2S3 T
Asteraceae Eupatorium torreyanum Fringed Boneset G5T4T5 S2 T
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia ipecacuanhae American Ipecac G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Eurybia radula Swamp Aster G5 SH E
Asteraceae Eurybia spectabilis Showy Aster G5 S2 T
Poaceae Festuca saximontana var. saximontana Sheep Fescue G5T5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Fimbristylis castanea Marsh Fimbry G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Fimbristylis puberula var. puberula Hairy Fimbry G5T5 SX U
Gentianaceae Frasera caroliniensis Green Gentian G5 S2 T
Oleaceae Fraxinus profunda Pumpkin Ash G4 S1 U
Cyperaceae Fuirena squarrosa Hairy Dwarf Umbrella-sedge G4G5 SX U
Rubiaceae Galium concinnum Shining Bedstraw G5 S1 E
Rubiaceae Galium kamtschaticum Northern Wild Lcorice G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Gamochaeta purpurea Purple Everlasting G5 S1 U
Ericaceae Gaylussacia bigeloviana Northern Dwarf Huckleberry G5T4T5 S1S2 E
Gentianaceae Gentiana puberulenta Prairie Gentian G4G5 SX U
Gentianaceae Gentiana saponaria Soapwort Gentian G5 S1 E
Gentianaceae Gentianopsis virgata ssp. virgata Lesser Fringed Gentian G5TNRQ S1 E
Santalaceae Geocaulon lividum False Toadflax G5 S1 E
Rosaceae Geum macrophyllum var. macrophyllum Bigleaf Yellow Avens G5T5 S1 E
Rosaceae Geum triflorum var. triflorum Prairie Smoke G5T5 S2 T
Rosaceae Geum virginianum Rough Avens G5 S2 T
Rosaceae Gillenia stipulata Indian Physic G5 SX U
Fabaceae Glycyrrhiza lepidota American Licorice G5 SX U
Poaceae Graphephorum melicoides Melic-oats G4 S1 E
Plantanginaceae Gratiola virginiana Clammy Hedge Hyssop G5 S1 U
Fabaceae Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky Coffee Tree G5 S1 E
Boraginaceae Hackelia deflexa ssp. americana Northern Stickseed G5T5 S1 E
Gentianaceae Halenia deflexa ssp. deflexa Spurred Gentian G5T5 S1 E
Ericaceae Harrimanella hypnoides Moss Heather G5 SX U
Lamiaceae Hedeoma hispida Mock Pennyroyal G5 S2S3 T
Alismataceae Helanthium tenellum Burhead G5? SX U
Asteraceae Helianthus angustifolius Swamp Sunflower G5 S2 T
Melanthiaceae Helonias bullata Swamp Pink G3 SX U
Plantanginaceae Hippuris vulgaris Mare's Tail G5 S1 E
Primulaceae Hottonia inflata Featherfoil G4 S2 T
Rubiaceae Houstonia purpurea var. calycosa Southern Bluets G5T5 SH E
Rubiaceae Houstonia purpurea var. purpurea Purple Bluets G5T5 SH E
Cannabaceae Humulus lupulus var. lupuloides Midwestern Hops G5T5 SH U
Lycopodiaceae Huperzia selago Fir Clubmoss G5 S1 E
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea arborescens Wild Hydrangea G5 S2 T
Ranunculaceae Hydrastis canadensis Golden-seal G3G4 S2 T
Apiaceae Hydrocotyle ranunculoides Floating Pennywort G5 S1 E
Apiaceae Hydrocotyle verticillata var. verticillata Whorled Marsh Pennywort G5T5 S1 E
Fabaceae Hylodesmum pauciflorum Small-flowered Tick Trefoil G5 SH E
Hypericaceae Hypericum adpressum Creeping St. John's Wort G3 S2 T
Hypericaceae Hypericum densiflorum Bushy St. John's Wort G5 S1 E
Hypericaceae Hypericum denticulatum Coppery St. John's Wort G5 S1 E
Hypericaceae Hypericum kalmianum Kalm's St. John's Wort G4 SX U
Hypericaceae Hypericum prolificum Shrubby St. John's Wort G5 S2 T
Hypericaceae Hypericum stragulum St. Andrew's Cross G5T4 S1 E
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea pandurata Wild Potato-vine G5 S1 E
Iridaceae Iris prismatica Slender Blue Flag G4G5 S2 T
Iridaceae Iris virginica Southern Blue Flag G5 S1 E
Isoetaceae Isoetes septentrionalis Northern Quillwort GNR S1 E
Orchidaceae Isotria medeoloides Small Whorled Pogonia G2? S1 E
Berberidaceae Jeffersonia diphylla Twinleaf G5 S2 T
Juncaceae Juncus biflorus Large Grass-leaved Rush G5 S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus brachycarpus Short-fruit Rush G4G5 S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus debilis Weak Rush G5 S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus ensifolius var. ensifolius Ensiform Rush G5 S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus ranarius Seaside Toad Rush G5 S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus scirpoides var. scirpoides Sedge Rush G5TNR S1 E
Juncaceae Juncus stygius var. americanus Moor Rush G5T5 SH E
Juncaceae Juncus subcaudatus Spreading Rush G5 S1 E
Cupressaceae Juniperus horizontalis Creeping Juniper G5 S1 E
Ericaceae Kalmia procumbens Alpine Azalea G5 S1 E
Malvaceae Kosteletzkya pentacarpos var. pentacarpos Saltmarsh Mallow G5TNR SX U
Haemodoraceae Lachnanthes caroliniana Carolina Redroot G4 S1 E
Asteraceae Lactuca floridana False Lettuce G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Lactuca hirsuta Downy Lettuce G5? S1 E
Fabaceae Lathyrus venosus Rough Veiny Vetchling G5 S1 E
Cistaceae Lechea pulchella Leggett's Pinweed G5 S1 E
Cistaceae Lechea tenuifolia Slender Pinweed G5 S2 T
Lemnaceae Lemna perpusilla Minute Duckweed G5 S1 E
Lemnaceae Lemna turionifera Turion Duckweed G5 S1S3 U
Lemnaceae Lemna valdiviana Pale Duckweed G5 S1 E
Fabaceae Lespedeza angustifolia Narrow-leaved Bush Clover G5 S2 T
Fabaceae Lespedeza stuevei Velvety Bush Clover G4? S2 T
Asteraceae Liatris cylindracea Slender Blazing Star G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Liatris scariosa var. nieuwlandii Nieuwland's Blazing Star G5?T3T5 S1 E
Asteraceae Liatris scariosa var. novae-angliae Northern Blazing Star G5?T3 S2 T
Apiaceae Ligusticum scoticum ssp. scoticum Scotch Lovage G5T4T5 S1 E
Apiaceae Lilaeopsis chinensis Eastern Grasswort G5 S2 T
Liliaceae Lilium michiganense Michigan Lily G5 S1 E
Linaceae Linum intercursum Sandplain Wild Flax G4 S2 T
Linaceae Linum medium var. texanum Southern Yellow Flax G5T5 S2 T
Linaceae Linum sulcatum Yellow Wild Flax G5 S2 T
Orchidaceae Liparis liliifolia Large Twayblade G5 S1 E
Boraginaceae Lithospermum croceum Golden Puccoon G4G5T4T5 SH E
Boraginaceae Lithospermum parviflorum Shaggy Marbleseed G4G5T4 SH U
Boraginaceae Lithospermum virginianum Virginia False Gromwell G4 S1 E
Plantanginaceae Littorella americana American Shore Grass G5 SH E
Onagraceae Ludwigia sphaerocarpa Globe-fruited Ludwigia G5 S2 T
Juncaceae Luzula spicata ssp. spicata Spiked Woodrush G5TNR S1 E
Lamiaceae Lycopus amplectens Clasping Bugleweed G5 S2 T
Lamiaceae Lycopus rubellus Stalked Bugleweed G5 S1 E
Lygodiaceae Lygodium palmatum Climbing Fern G4 S1 E
Primulaceae Lysimachia hybrida Lowland Yellow Loosestrife G5 S1 E
Primulaceae Lysimachia quadriflora Four-flowered Loosestrife G5? S1 E
Lythraceae Lythrum lineare Saltmarsh Loosestrife G5 S1 E
Magnoliaceae Magnolia virginiana var. virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia G5TNR S1 E
Orchidaceae Malaxis bayardii Bayard's Adder's-mouth Orchid G1G2 S1 E
Melanthiaceae Melanthium hybridum Slender Bunchflower G5 SX U
Melanthiaceae Melanthium virginicum Virginia Bunchflower G5 SH E
Linderniaceae Micranthemum micranthemoides Nuttall's Micranthemum GH SX U
Lamiaceae Monarda clinopodia Basilbalm G5 S1 E
Lamiaceae Monarda punctata var. punctata Dotted Horse Mint G5T5? S1 U
Poaceae Muhlenbergia capillaris Hairy-awned Muhly G5 SX U
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum alterniflorum Water Milfoil G5 S2 T
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum farwellii Farwell's Water Milfoil G5 S2 T
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum pinnatum Green Parrot's Feather G5 S1 E
Pteridaceae Myriopteris lanosa Woolly Lip Fern G5 SH E
Asteraceae Nabalus boottii Boott's Rattlesnake Root G2 S1 E
Asteraceae Nabalus crepidineus Nodding Rattlesnake Root G4 SH E
Asteraceae Nabalus racemosus Glaucous Rattlesnake Root G5 SX U
Hydrocharitaceae Najas marina Spiny Water Nymph G5 S1 E
Hydrocharitaceae Najas muenscheri Hudson River Water Nymph G5T1 S2 E
Hydrocharitaceae Najas olivacea Southern Water Nymph G5T4? S1 E
Orchidaceae Neottia auriculata Auricled Twayblade G3G4 S1 E
Orchidaceae Neottia bifolia Southern Twayblade G4 S1S2 E
Orchidaceae Neottia convallarioides Broad-lipped Twayblade G5 S1 E
Onagraceae Oenothera laciniata Cut-leaved Evening Primrose G5 S1 E
Onagraceae Oenothera oakesiana Oakes' Evening Primrose G4G5Q S2 T
Rubiaceae Oldenlandia uniflora Clustered Bluets G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Omalotheca sylvatica Woodland Cudweed G4 S1 E
Cactaceae Opuntia cespitosa Prickly Pear GNR SH U
Juncaceae Oreojuncus trifidus Arctic Rush G5 S2 T
Araceae Orontium aquaticum Golden Club G5 S2 T
Oxalidaceae Oxalis violacea Violet Wood Sorrel G5 S2S3 T
Chenopodiaceae Oxybasis rubra var. rubra Red Pigweed G5 S2 T
Apiaceae Oxypolis rigidior Stiff Cowbane G5 SH E
Celastraceae Parnassia palustris Marsh Grass-of-Parnassus G5 SX U
Poaceae Paspalum laeve Field Beadgrass G4G5 S1 E
Orobanchaceae Pedicularis lanceolata Swamp Lousewort G5 S2S3 T
Pteridaceae Pellaea glabella ssp. glabella Smooth Cliff Brake G5T5 S2 T
Polygonaceae Persicaria careyi Carey's Smartweed G4 S1S2 E
Polygonaceae Persicaria setacea Swamp Smartweed G5 S1S2 E
Asteraceae Petasites frigidus var. palmatus Sweet Coltsfoot G5T5 S1 E
Boraginaceae Phacelia dubia var. dubia Scorpion-weed G5T5 SX U
Polemoniaceae Phlox maculata ssp. maculata Wild Sweet William G5T4T5 S1S2 E
Polemoniaceae Phlox pilosa ssp. pilosa Downy Phlox G5T5 SH E
Santalaceae Phoradendron leucarpum American Mistletoe G5 SX U
Solanaceae Physalis virginiana var. virginiana Virginia Ground Cherry G5T5 SH E
Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula vulgaris Butterwort G5 S1S2 T
Pinaceae Pinus echinata Shortleaf Pine G5 S1 E
Pinaceae Pinus virginiana Virginia Pine G5 S1 E
Poaceae Piptatheropsis canadensis Canada Rice Grass G5 S2 T
Plantaginaceae Plantago maritima var. juncoides Seaside Plantain G5T5 S2S3 T
Orchidaceae Platanthera ciliaris Orange Fringed Orchid G5 S1 E
Orchidaceae Platanthera cristata Orange Crested Orchid G5 S1 E
Orchidaceae Platanthera hookeri Hooker's Orchid G4 S1 E
Orchidaceae Platanthera leucophaea Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid G2G3 SH E
Poaceae Poa cuspidata Early Blue Grass G5 S1 E
Poaceae Poa glauca ssp. glauca White Blue Grass G5T5 S1 E
Poaceae Poa interior Inland Blue Grass G5T4T5 SH E
Poaceae Poa laxa ssp. fernaldiana Fernald's Blue Grass G5?T3 S1 E
Poaceae Poa paludigena Slender Marsh Blue Grass G3 S1 E
Poaceae Poa sylvestris Woodland Blue Grass G5 S1 E
Podostemaceae Podostemum ceratophyllum Riverweed G5 S2S3 T
Polemoniaceae Polemonium vanbruntiae Jacob's Ladder G3G4 S3 R
Polygalaceae Polygala brevifolia Short-leaved Milkwort G4G5 SX U
Polygalaceae Polygala incarnata Pink Milkwort G5 SX U
Polygalaceae Polygala lutea Orange Milkwort G5 S1 E
Polygalaceae Polygala mariana Maryland Milkwort G5 SX U
Polygalaceae Polygala nuttallii Nuttall's Milkwort G5 S2 T
Polygonaceae Polygonum buxiforme Small's Knotweed G5 S1S2 E
Polygonaceae Polygonum douglasii Douglas' Knotweed G5 S1S2 T
Polygonaceae Polygonum glaucum Seabeach Knotweed G3 S3 R
Dryopteridaceae Polystichum lonchitis Holly Fern G5 SH E
Salicaceae Populus heterophylla Swamp Cottonwood G5 S2 T
Potamogetonaceae Potamogeton alpinus Red Pondweed G5 S1S2 T
Potamogetonaceae Potamogeton diversifolius Southern Snailseed Pondweed G5 S1 E
Potamogetonaceae Potamogeton hillii Hill's Pondweed G3 S2 T
Potamogetonaceae Potamogeton pulcher Spotted Pondweed G5 S2 T
Potamogetonaceae Potamogeton strictifolius Straight-leaf Pondweed G5 S1 E
Rosaceae Potentilla anserina ssp. pacifica Coastal Silverweed G5TNR S2 T
Rosaceae Potentilla supina ssp. paradoxa Bushy Cinquefoil G5 S1 E
Primulaceae Primula meadia Eastern Shooting-star G5 SX U
Primulaceae Primula mistassinica Bird's Eye Primrose G5 S2 T
Haloragaceae Proserpinaca pectinata Comb-leaved Mermaid Weed G5 S2 T
Rosaceae Prunus pumila var. depressa Dwarf Sand Cherry G5T5 S2 T
Rosaceae Prunus pumila var. pumila Low Sand Cherry G5T4 S1 E
Asteraceae Pseudognaphalium micradenium Catfoot G4G5T3? SH E
Asteraceae Pseudolycopodiella caroliniana Carolina Clubmoss G5T4 S1 E
Rutaceae Ptelea trifoliata var. trifoliata Wafer-ash G5T5 S1S2 E
Dennstaedtiaceae Pteridium aquilinum ssp. pseudocaudatum Southeastern Bracken G5T5 SH E
Ericaceae Pterospora andromedea Pinedrops G5 S1 E
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum clinopodioides Basil Mountain Mint G1G2 S1 E
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum muticum Blunt Mountain Mint G5 S2S3 T
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum torreyi Torrey's Mountain Mint G2 S1 E
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum verticillatum var. verticillatum Whorled Mountain Mint G5T5 S1S2 E
Ericaceae Pyrola asarifolia ssp. asarifolia Pink Wintergreen G5T5 S2 T
Ericaceae Pyrola minor Snowline Wintergreen G5 S1 E
Diapensiaceae Pyxidanthera barbulata Flowering Pixiemoss G4 S1 E
Fagaceae Quercus phellos Willow Oak G5 S1 E
Fagaceae Quercus shumardii Shumard Oak G5 S1 E
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus cymbalaria Seaside Crowfoot G5 SH E
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus pusillus Spearwort G5 SX U
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus septentrionalis Swamp Buttercup GNR S1 E
Melastomataceae Rhexia mariana var. mariana Meadow Beauty G5T5 SX U
Crassulaceae Rhodiola integrifolia ssp. leedyi Leedy's Roseroot G5T1 S1 E
Crassulaceae Rhodiola rosea Common Roseroot G5 S1 E
Ericaceae Rhododendron canadense Rhodora G5 S2 T
Ericaceae Rhododendron lapponicum Lapland Rosebay G5 S2 E
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora cephalantha Capitate Beak Sedge G5 SX U
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora chalarocephala Loose-headed Beak Sedge G5 SX U
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora inundata Drowned Beak Sedge G4? S1 T
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora nitens Short-beaked Beak Sedge G4? S2 T
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora pallida Pale Beak Sedge G3 SH E
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora recognita Globe Beak Sedge G5? SX U
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora scirpoides Long-beaked Beak Sedge G4 S2 R
Cyperaceae Rhynchospora torreyana Torrey's Beak Sedge G4 SX U
Brassicaceae Rorippa aquatica Lake Cress G4? S2 T
Rosaceae Rosa acicularis ssp. sayi Prickly Rose G5T5 S1 E
Lythraceae Rotala ramosior Tooth Cup G5 S2 T
Rosaceae Rubus chamaemorus Cloudberry G5 SX U
Rosaceae Rubus cuneifolius Sand Blackberry G5 SH E
Polygonaceae Rumex fueginus Golden Dock G5 S1 E
Polygonaceae Rumex hastatulus Heart Sorrel G5 SH E
Polygonaceae Rumex persicarioides Seaside Dock G3?Q SH E
Gentianaceae Sabatia angularis Rose Pink G5 S1 E
Gentianaceae Sabatia campanulata Slender Marsh Pink G5 S1 E
Gentianaceae Sabatia dodecandra var. dodecandra Large Marsh Pink G5?T4T5 SX U
Gentianaceae Sabatia stellaris Sea Pink G5 S2 T
Caryophyllaceae Sagina decumbens ssp. decumbens Trailing Pearlwort G5T5 S1 E
Alismataceae Sagittaria filiformis Narrow-leaved Arrowhead G4G5 SX U
Alismataceae Sagittaria montevidensis ssp. spongiosa Spongy Arrowhead G5T4 S2 T
Alismataceae Sagittaria teres Quill-leaf Arrowhead G3 S1 E
Amaranthaceae Salicornia bigelovii Dwarf Glasswort G5 S2S3 T
Salicaceae Salix cordata Sand Dune Willow G4 S2 T
Salicaceae Salix herbacea Dwarf Willow G5 S1 E
Salicaceae Salix uva-ursi Bearberry Willow G5 S2 T
Lamiaceae Salvia lyrata Lyre-leaf Sage G5 SH E
Apiaceae Sanicula canadensis var. grandis Big-fruited Canada Sanicle G5T3T5 SH U
Saxifragaceae Saxifraga aizoides Yellow Mountain Saxifrage G5 S2 T
Saxifragaceae Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp. oppositifolia Purple Mountain Saxifrage G5T5 S1 E
Saxifragaceae Saxifraga paniculata ssp. paniculata White Mountain Saxifrage G5TNR S1 E
Schizaeaceae Schizaea pusilla Curlygrass Fern G3G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Schoenoplectiella smithii var. setosa Smith's Bristly Bulrush G5?TNR S1 U
Cyperaceae Schoenoplectus heterochaetus Slender Bulrush G5 S2 E
Orobanchaceae Schwalbea americana Chaffseed G2G3 SX U
Cyperaceae Scirpus ancistrochaetus Northeastern Bulrush G3 S1 E
Cyperaceae Scirpus georgianus Georgia Bulrush G5 S1S2 E
Cyperaceae Scirpus longii Long's Bulrush G2G3 SX U
Cyperaceae Scleria minor Slender Nut Sedge G4 S1 E
Cyperaceae Scleria muehlenbergii Reticulate Nut Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Scleria pauciflora Few-flowered Nut Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Scleria triglomerata Whip Nut Sedge G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Scleria verticillata Low Nut Sedge G5 S1 E
Lamiaceae Scutellaria elliptica var. elliptica Hairy Skullcap G5T5 SX U
Lamiaceae Scutellaria incana var. incana Hoary Skullcap G5T5 SH E
Lamiaceae Scutellaria integrifolia Hyssop Skullcap G5 S1 E
Lamiaceae Scutellaria nervosa Veined Skullcap G5 SX U
Lamiaceae Scutellaria serrata Showy Skullcap G4G5 SX U
Selaginellaceae Selaginella eclipes Hidden Spike Moss G4 S1 E
Asteraceae Senecio suaveolens Sweet-scented Indian Plantain G4 S1 E
Asteraceae Sericocarpus linifolius Flax-leaf Whitetop G5 S2 T
Aizoaceae Sesuvium maritimum Sea Purslane G5 S1 E
Caryophyllaceae Silene caroliniana ssp. pensylvanica Wild Pink G5T4T5 S2 T
Iridaceae Sisyrinchium albidum Pale-flowered Blue-eyed Grass G5? SH U
Iridaceae Sisyrinchium mucronatum Sharp-tipped Blue-eyed Grass G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Smallanthus uvedalia Bear's-foot G4G5 SH E
Smilacaceae Smilax lasioneura Midwestern Carrion Flower G5 SH U
Smilacaceae Smilax pseudochina Coastal Carrion Flower G4G5 S1 E
Smilacaceae Smilax pulverulenta Powdery Carrion Flower G4G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Solidago houghtonii Houghton's Goldenrod G3 S1 E
Asteraceae Solidago latissimifolia Coastal Goldenrod G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Solidago leiocarpa Alpine Goldenrod G4 S2 T
Asteraceae Solidago mexicana Mexican Seaside Goldenrod G5T5? S1 E
Asteraceae Solidago ohioensis Ohio Goldenrod G4 S2 T
Asteraceae Solidago racemosa Riverbank Goldenrod G5T3? S1 E
Asteraceae Solidago randii Rand's Goldenrod G5T4 S2 T
Asteraceae Solidago rigida var. rigida Stiff Flat-topped Goldenrod G5T5 S2 T
Typhaceae Sparganium natans Small Bur-reed G5 S2 T
Caryophyllaceae Spergularia canadensis var. canadensis Northern Sand Spurry G5T5 SX U
Poaceae Sphenopholis obtusata Prairie Wedge Grass G5 S1 E
Poaceae Sphenopholis pensylvanica Swamp Oats G4 S1 E
Lycopodiaceae Spinulum canadense Northern Bristly Club Moss G5T4T5 S2 E
Orchidaceae Spiranthes magnicamporum Great Plains Ladies' Tresses G4 S1 U
Orchidaceae Spiranthes ovalis var. erostellata Lesser Ladies' Tresses G5?T4? S1 U
Orchidaceae Spiranthes vernalis Spring Ladies' Tresses G5 S1S2 E
Poaceae Sporobolus clandestinus Hidden Dropseed G5 S1 E
Poaceae Sporobolus heterolepis Northern Dropseed G5 S2 T
Lamiaceae Stachys arenicola Sand Hedge Nettle G5T4? SH U
Lamiaceae Stachys hyssopifolia var. hyssopifolia Rough Hedge Nettle G5T4T5 S2 T
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria longipes ssp. longipes Goldie's Starwort G5T5 S2 T
Melanthiaceae Stenanthium leimanthoides Pinebarren Death Camas G4Q S1 U
Fabaceae Strophostyles umbellata Pink Wild Bean G5 S1 E
Potamogetonaceae Stuckenia filiformis Slender Pondweed G5 S1 E
Fabaceae Stylosanthes biflora Pencil Flower G5 SX U
Amaranthaceae Suaeda linearis Narrow-leaf Sea Blite G5 S1S2 E
Amaranthaceae Suaeda rolandii Roland's Sea Blite G1G2 S1 E
Brassicaceae Subularia aquatica ssp. americana Water Awlwort G5T5 S1S2 E
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum boreale Northern Bog Aster G5 S2 T
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum ciliolatum Lindley's Aster G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum concolor var. concolor Eastern Silvery Aster G5T5 SH E
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. interior Small-headed Aster G5T5 SH E
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum oolentangiense Sky-blue Aster G5 S1 E
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum subulatum var. subulatum Annual Saltmarsh Aster G5 S2S3 T
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum venulosum Veiny Meadow Parsnip G5 S1 E
Apiaceae Thaspium barbinode Hairy-jointed Meadow Parsnip G5 S1 E
Malvaceae Tilia americana var. heterophylla White Basswood G5T5 SH E
Orchidaceae Tipularia discolor Cranefly Orchid G4G5 S1 E
Brassicaceae Tomostima reptans Carolina Whitlow Grass G5 S2 T
Tofieldiaceae Triantha glutinosa Sticky False Asphodel G5 S1 E
Cyperaceae Trichophorum cespitosum ssp. cespitosum Deer's Hair Sedge G5 S2 T
Cyperaceae Trichophorum clintonii Clinton's Clubrush G4 S1 E
Lamiaceae Trichostema setaceum Narrow-leaved Bluecurls G5 S1 E
Juncaginaceae Triglochin palustris Marsh Arrow Grass G5 S2 T
Melanthiaceae Trillium flexipes Nodding Trillium G5 S1 E
Melanthiaceae Trillium sessile Toad-shade G4G5 S1 E
Caprifoliaceae Triosteum angustifolium Lesser Horse Gentian G5 S1 U
Orchidaceae Triphora trianthophoros ssp. trianthophoros Nodding Pogonia G3G4T3T4 S2 T
Poaceae Tripsacum dactyloides var. dactyloides Northern Gama Grass G5TNR S2 T
Ranunculaceae Trollius laxus Spreading Globeflower G5T3 S3 R
Ulmaceae Ulmus thomasii Cork Elm G5 S2S3 T
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia juncea Rush Bladderwort G5 S1 E
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia radiata Small Floating Bladderwort G4 S2 T
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia striata Fibrous Bladderwort G4G5 S2 T
Colchicaceae Uvularia puberula Pine Barren Bellwort G5 S1 E
Ericaceae Vaccinium boreale Northern Lowbush Blueberry G4 S2 T
Ericaceae Vaccinium cespitosum Dwarf Bilberry G5 S1 E
Poaceae Vahlodea atropurpurea Mountain Hair Grass G5 SX U
Caprifoliaceae Valeriana uliginosa Marsh Valerian G4Q S1S2 E
Caprifoliaceae Valerianella chenopodiifolia Goosefoot Corn Salad G4 S1 E
Caprifoliaceae Valerianella umbilicata Navel-fruited Corn Salad G4G5 SH E
Asteraceae Vernonia gigantea Tall Ironweed G5 S1 E
Plantaginaceae Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusa Northern Thyme-leaved Speedwell G5T5? SH U
Plantaginaceae Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root G4 S2 T
Adoxaceae Viburnum dentatum var. venosum Southern Arrowwood G5T4T5 S2 T
Adoxaceae Viburnum edule Squashberry G5 S2 T
Adoxaceae Viburnum nudum var. nudum Southern Wild Raisin G5T5 S1 E
Violaceae Viola bicolor Field Pansy G5 S1 E
Violaceae Viola brittoniana Coast Violet G4G5 S1 E
Violaceae Viola hirsutula Southern Wood Violet G4 SH E
Violaceae Viola nephrophylla Northern Bog Violet G5 S1 E
Violaceae Viola novae-angliae New England Violet G4 S1 E
Violaceae Viola pectinata Pectinate Violet G4G5T3?Q SH
Violaceae Viola primulifolia var. primulifolia Primrose-leaved Violet G5TNR S2 T
Vitaceae Vitis vulpina Winter Grape G5 S1 E
Pteridaceae Vittaria appalachiana Appalachian Shoestring Fern G4 S1 E
Woodsiaceae Woodsia alpina Alpine Cliff Fern G4G5 S1 E
Woodsiaceae Woodsia glabella Smooth Cliff Fern G5 S1 E
Woodsiaceae Woodsia oregana ssp. cathcartiana Oregon Cliff Fern G5T5 SX U
Xyridaceae Xyris bracteicaulis Bracted Yellow-eyed Grass GX SX U
Xyridaceae Xyris smalliana Large Yellow-eyed Grass G5 S2 T
Poaceae Zizania palustris var. interior Interior Wild Rice G4G5T4T5 SH U

Explanation of Categories

The active and watch lists are produced from the Heritage Program's Biotics 4 Database and include the following categories:

Scientific Name - This is the genus and species name derived from Latin or Greek roots. Some plants also have a variety or subspecies name. These standardized scientific names are understood throughout the world. This list follows the taxonomy of the New York Flora Atlas (Weldy, Troy and David Werier. 2010. New York Flora Atlas <>. [S.M. Landry, K.N. Campbell, and L.D. Mabe (original application development), Florida Center for Community Design and Research <>. University of South Florida <>]. New York Flora Association <>, Albany, New York.

Common Name - This is the most commonly accepted English name for the plant in New York.

Global and State Ranks - These rarity ranks are maintained by NatureServe ( and are used by Natural Heritage programs in every state. They are not linked to any legal penalties but provide information used for determining state and federal legal status of rare plants.

State Status - These status codes reflect rarity, vulnerability and the action priority status of plants. Their status is backed up by state laws that provide penalties for the "taking" of plants.

Explanation of Heritage Ranks and Codes

Each taxon has a global and state rank. The global rank reflects the rarity of the species throughout the world and the state rank reflects the rarity within New York State.

Global Rank

  • G1 = Critically imperiled throughout its range due to extreme rarity (5 or fewer sites or very few remaining individuals) or extremely vulnerable to extinction due to biological factors. (10 taxa in 2010)
  • G2 = Imperiled throughout its range due to rarity (6 - 20 sites or few remaining individuals) or highly vulnerable to extinction due to biological factors. (10 taxa in 2010)
  • G3 = Either very rare and local throughout its range (21 - 100 sites), with a restricted range (but possibly locally abundant), or vulnerable to extinction due to biological factors. (39 taxa in 2010)
  • G4 = Apparently secure throughout its range (but possibly rare in parts).
  • G5 = Demonstrably secure throughout its range (but possibly rare in parts).
  • GH = No extant sites known but it may be rediscovered.
  • GX = Species believed extinct.
  • TU & T? = Status of the subspecies or variety unknown.

State Rank

  • S1 = Critically imperiled in New York State because of extreme rarity (5 or fewer sites or very few remaining individuals) or extremely vulnerable to extirpation from New York State due to biological or human factors.
  • S2 = Imperiled in New York State because of rarity (6 - 20 sites or few remaining individuals) or highly vulnerable to extirpation from New York State due to biological or human factors.
  • S3 = Rare in New York State (usually 21 - 35 extant sites).
  • S4 = Apparently secure in New York State.
  • S5 = Demonstrably secure in New York State.
  • SH = Historical. No existing sites known in New York State in the last 20-30 years but it may be rediscovered.
  • SX = Apparently extirpated from New York State, very low probability of rediscovery.
  • SR = Reported from the state, but existence has not been documented.

Taxon Rank

The T-ranks are defined in the same way as the Global ranks, but the T-rank only refers to the rarity of the subspecific taxon, not the rarity of the species as a whole. If a species has a subspecific name that is the same as the species name it means there is also another subspecies of that species which we do not consider rare in New York or it does not occur in New York.

Double Ranks

The first rank indicates rarity based upon current documentation. The second rank indicates the probable rarity after all historical records and likely habitat have been checked.

Double Ranks Denote Species That Need Additional Field Surveys.

A "Q" indicates a question exists whether or not the taxon is a good taxonomic entity.

A "?" indicates that an identification question exists about known occurrences. It also indicates the rank presumably corresponds to actual occurrences even though the information has not yet been documented in heritage files or historical records. It serves to flag species that need more field studies or specimen identification.

New York State Legal Status

The following categories are defined in regulation 6NYCRR part 193.3 and apply to New York State Environmental Conservation Law section 9-1503. Part (f) of the law reads as follows: "It is a violation for any person, anywhere in the state to pick, pluck, sever, remove, damage by the application of herbicides or defoliants, or carry away, without the consent of the owner, any protected plant. Each protected plant so picked, plucked, severed, removed, damaged or carried away shall constitute a separate violation." Violators of the regulation are subject to fines of $25 per plant illegally taken. For your convenience, the DEC Protected Plant List is included as an appendix within this publication. Questions about DEC's Protected Plant list should be directed to the Division of Lands and Forests at (518) 402-9425.

E = Endangered Species: listed species are those with

  1. 5 or fewer extant sites, or
  2. fewer than 1,000 individuals, or
  3. restricted to fewer than 4 U.S.G.S. 7 1/2 minute topographical maps, or
  4. species listed as endangered by the U. S. Department of Interior, as enumerated in the Code of Federal Regulations 50 CFR 17.11.

T = Threatened: listed species are those with

  1. 6 to fewer than 20 extant sites, or
  2. 1,000 to fewer than 3,000 individuals, or
  3. restricted to not less than 4 or more than 7 U.S.G.S. 7 1/2 minute topographical maps, or
  4. listed as threatened by the U. S. Department of the Interior, as enumerated in the Code of Federal Regulations 50 CFR 17.11.

R = Rare: listed species have

  1. 20 to 35 extant sites, or
  2. 3,000 to 5,000 individuals statewide.

V = Exploitably vulnerable: listed species are likely to become threatened in the near future throughout all or a significant portion of their range within the state if causal factors continue unchecked. [This definition does not apply to many plants on this list and efforts are underway to change the definition or the list - SMY]

U = Unprotected