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Invasive Species Council Report

teeth in a snakehead fish
Invasive species like this voracious snakehead fish
(Channa argus) wreak havoc with native ecosystems
and associated recreation and commercial industries.

Regulatory System for Non-native Species

The New York Invasive Species Council has completed a final report: A Regulatory System for Non-native Species (PDF) (1.32 MB). The report recommends a regulatory system for preventing the importation and/or release of non-native species. The recommended system would create the first-ever official lists of invasive species for New York State that would apply to all species of animals and plants.

About the New York Invasive Species Council

The Council comprises nine State agencies and is co-led by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Agriculture and Markets. It was created by statute in 2008 and is responsible for coordinating invasive species management across the state. Among its many duties, the Council is required to prepare a report that recommends a system for non-native animal and plant species that contains three lists:

  • a list of prohibited species, which should be unlawful to possess, import, purchase, sell, transport, or introduce except under a permit for disposal, control, research, or education;
  • a list of regulated species ,which should be legal to possess, sell, buy, and transport but not be introduced into a free-living state;
  • a list of non-native species that should not be subject to regulation

A System for Review and Listing of Non-native Species

A young forest with a thick growth of barberry beneath
Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) has
out-competed native undergrowth and prevented
forest regeneration.
orange daylily
This orange daylily (Hemerocallis
fulva) is an example of a non-native
plant with a low score from the
Invasiveness Ranking Form.

The report must also recommend a procedure for the review of non-native species that are not yet on the prohibited, regulated, or unregulated lists.

The proposed listing system is intended to ensure that harmful non-native species are not purposefully introduced for pets, nursery stock, food or other human uses. The system would give the Council the legal authority and responsibility to promulgate the three lists as New York State regulations. The Council would be assisted by the New York Invasive Species Advisory Committee, which includes 25 stakeholder representatives from industry, conservation, and academia. Staff at the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Agriculture and Markets would perform the many tasks involved in developing and officially promulgating the three lists.

A draft of this report was published for public review from March 31 through May 15. In response to the comments received, the report was revised to clarify the role of the Advisory Committee in the development and review of future regulatory lists.

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