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Mid-Hudson Bridge Falcon Nest

Current Image of Mid-Hudson Falcon Nest
Above shows time-lapse images of a nest box located on the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Images are set to refresh at 10-minute intervals.
~ This imagery is courtesy of the New York State Bridge Authority.

2014 Nesting Summary:

Out of four eggs laid, two young hatched on May 2 and May 5, respectively. The two young, a male and a female, were banded at approximately 20 days old on May 22, 2014. On June 27, the young fledged and left the next box.

2014 marks the 18th year that this bridge has been used for nesting, with 49 young produced at this location to date.

2013 Nesting Summary:

Three young hatched in this nest and were banded on May 29, 2013. These three chicks bring the total number of fledglings produced at this nest to 47. This is the 17th year this bridge has been used by nesting peregrines.

2012 Nesting Summary:

Eggs were laid in this nest in late March. Three chicks hatched about 31 days later. At about twenty days of age, they were banded by biologists from the NYCDEP and NYSDEC. All three were male, and appeared healthy. This is the 16th year this bridge has been used by nesting peregrines. It is believed all three chicks from 2012 fledged, bringing the total fledglings produced at this location to 44.

2011 Nesting Summary:

This nest had four eggs last spring. Three chicks (eyasses) hatched. Three female chicks were banded May 24, 2011 and the one unhatched egg was removed from the nest box. The three week old chicks were checked for general condition and appeared healthy. Read and learn about the importance of banding young peregrine falcons. This was the 15th year the bridge has been used, and a total of 41 young have been fledged from this site. The same female has been using this nest box for several years.

Previous Years

In 2010, two falcons fledged from this site. One falcon fledged from the bridge in 2009 and three fledged in 2008.