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Invasive Species Disposal Stations

Invasive Species Disposal Station
Invasive species disposal station.

In an effort to combat the introduction and spread of invasive aquatic species Invasive Species Disposal Stations have been installed at many DEC boat launches and fishing access sites. Eventually disposal stations will be provided at all DEC boat launches on waters containing invasive species. The goal of these stations is to provide a dedicated location for anglers and boaters to dispose of invasive species clinging to their fishing and boating equipment. The stations also serve as a billboard encouraging users to carefully inspect their equipment and remove and properly dispose by hand of any invasives found. These simple actions are the most effective way to combat the spread of invasives from water to water.

Invasive species disposal station at the top of a boat ramp.
Invasive species disposal station at the top of a boat ramp.

Building and Installing a Disposal Station

DEC encourages private marina operators, lake associations and others providing boat launching facilities to also install invasive species disposal station. The stations are easy and inexpensive to construct using the plans provided to the right. Sign templates designed for use with the stations are also provided.

By working together we can help ensure that our valuable aquatic resources are protected from invasive plant and animal species.

Schematic for an invasive species disposal station
Invasive species disposal station plans are
available as a PDF in the right column.
Sign for use on an invasive species disposal station.
A 24" X 24" sign is available as a PDF in the right column.
Invasive Species Disposal Station Header Sign
A 5" X 30" header sign is available as a PDF in the right colunm.