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Valcour Island Bird Conservation Area

Valcour Island BCA is a 1,100 acre forested calcareous outcrop that supports the largest great blue heron rookery on Lake Champlain. This rookery is currently the largest in New York State, and the third largest rookery in the Great Lakes region. Valcour Island is the largest of the seven islands in the Champlain Islands Management Complex administered by the DEC. It has also been designated as an Audubon Important Bird Area. The island is accessible by boat for camping, hiking, wildlife viewing and hunting.

Bald eagles (threatened) have been observed in the vicinity of Valcour Island; and the cliffs on the south end of the island were once a peregrine falcon (endangered) eyrie, although there has not been any nesting there for several decades. Historically, the island supported substantial populations of long-eared owl. The area also provides breeding and migratory habitat for a variety of waterfowl, shorebird, and songbird species.

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