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Tivoli Bay Bird Conservation Area

The Tivoli Bay BCA contains the only large freshwater tidal marshes on the Hudson River that are primarily surrounded by undeveloped forest. It is part of Audubon's Tivoli Bays Important Bird Area. The area includes 1,722 acres of freshwater tidal emergent marshes, open water and tidal vegetated shallows, as well as forested and shrub habitat. The North Bay consists of freshwater tidal marsh dominated by cattails. The South Bay includes open water and vegetated tidal shallows that are mud flats during low water.

This area is used by a great diversity of dabbling ducks during spring and fall migration with especially large numbers of black ducks. Bald eagle (threatened) and osprey (special concern) regularly forage at Tivoli Bay during migration. Forest and shrub areas provide important migratory stopover habitat for warblers, flycatchers, sparrows, blackbirds, and many other songbird migrants. Marshes support a diversity of species during migration as well as substantial populations of marsh wrens during the breeding season. Least bitterns (threatened) also utilize the area.

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