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Three Mile Bay Bird Conservation Area

Three Mile Bay BCA, located on the northwestern shore of Oneida Lake, encompasses 3,697 acres and consists mostly of wooded swamp land with small amounts of marsh. It is the site of Audubon's Toad Harbor Swamp Important Bird Area. The site also includes areas of upland forest, successional old field, and shrubland habitats. The DEC holds jurisdiction over 132 acres of underwater lands in Oneida Lake adjacent to the Wildlife Management Area extending 500-1000 feet offshore from about 1/2 mile west of Phillips Point to about 3/4 mile east of the point.

Flooded hardwood swamps provide habitat for red-shouldered hawk (special concern), cerulean warbler (special concern), prothonotary warbler, as well as a large great blue heron rookery. The area supports large numbers of migrating waterfowl during the spring, and lake waters adjacent to the property harbor thousands of waterfowl throughout the year. Grassland habitats have historically supported Henslow's sparrow (threatened), grasshopper sparrow (special concern) and sedge wren (threatened). Marsh areas support pied-billed grebe (threatened), least bittern (threatened), and American bittern (special concern).

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