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Point Peninsula Bird Conservation Area

Point Peninsula BCA covers 1,045 acres of a 6,600 acre peninsula that projects out into Chaumont Bay in the northeastern corner of Lake Ontario. It is part of Audubon's Point Peninsula Important Bird Area. The peninsula is a mix of active and abandoned farmland. Working farms in this area primarily produce hay. This site may be one of the most critical wintering areas in the northeast for arctic-breeding raptors, including short-eared owl (endangered), rough-legged hawk, snowy owl, northern shrike, and northern harrier (threatened).

Point Peninsula is located in a bird migration corridor and provides important stopover and feeding habitats for a wide diversity of migratory bird species. This area also supplies critical grassland habitat for a diverse assemblage of breeding, migrating, and wintering bird populations. The marsh and western shoreline support a breeding population of black terns (endangered), as well as substantial populations of breeding and migrating waterfowl. Shrublands and forests also provide important habitat for a wide diversity of migrating birds.

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