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Lake Shore Marshes Bird Conservation Area

Lake Shore Marshes BCA is a 6,270 acre complex of streams, lakes and ponds, open and forested wetlands and peatlands, as well as early successional and forested uplands. Shrub and forest habitat along the lake shore provide critical stopover habitat for a tremendous abundance and diversity of migratory upland birds. This site is located in the towns of Huron and Wolcott in Wayne County.

Marsh and open water habitats dispersed with emergent vegetation are critical for many marsh birds, including black tern (endangered), least bittern (threatened), and pied-billed grebe (threatened). Other species of interest include northern harrier (threatened), upland sandpiper (threatened), American bittern (special concern), osprey (special concern), common loon (special concern), sandhill crane, sharp-shinned hawk (special concern), bobolink, eastern meadowlark, marsh wren, Virginia rail, sora, Wilson's snipe, magnolia warbler, golden-winged warbler (special concern), brown thrasher, ring-necked duck, and wood duck.

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