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Keeney Swamp Bird Conservation Area

Keeney Swamp BCA in Alleghany County contains a mixture of marsh, shrubland, wetland, impoundment, early successional forest, and grassland habitats that support a wide diversity of bird species. It is part of Audubon's Keeney Swamp Forest Important Bird Area. Large numbers of shorebirds and wading birds have been documented during migration. Waterfowl that commonly use the wetland habitats during breeding or migration include Canada goose, wood duck, American black duck, mallard, blue-winged teal, hooded merganser, bufflehead, tundra swan, common moorhen, northern pintail, common loon (special concern), and pied-billed grebe (threatened).

A tremendous diversity and abundance of songbirds utilize the shrub and early successional forest habitats on the BCA during breeding and migration. Winter concentrations of white-winged and red crossbills are notable in the conifer stands. There are some grasslands on the state forest that still support grassland species, including northern harrier (threatened), upland sandpiper (threatened), vesper sparrow (special concern), bobolink, and eastern meadowlark.

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