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Caumsett Bird Conservation Area

The Caumsett BCA is within Caumsett State Historic Park and is part of Audubon's Huntington and Northport Bays Important Bird Area. It is located on Lloyd Neck, a peninsula on the north shore of Long Island that extends out into Long Island Sound. About two-thirds of the 1,255 acre Caumsett BCA is predominately oak-tulip tree forest. Other habitats include successional old field, low salt marsh, marine eelgrass meadow, maritime beach, successional shrubland and salt shrub. This site supports a high diversity of migratory birds, including several species listed as endangered, threatened or of special concern in New York State.

Breeding birds at Caumsett include several species of conservation concern in New York such as osprey (special concern), piping plover (state endangered and federal threatened), common tern (threatened) and least tern (threatened). Other state-listed species observed at Caumsett include common loon (special concern), bald eagle (threatened), northern harrier (threatened), sharp-shinned hawk (special concern), Cooper's hawk (special concern), northern goshawk (special concern), red-shouldered hawk (special concern), golden eagle (endangered), peregrine falcon (endangered), short-eared owl (endangered), whip-poor-will (special concern), red-headed woodpecker (special concern), vesper sparrow (special concern) and grasshopper sparrow (special concern).

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