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Bear Swamp Bird Conservation Area

Bear Swamp BCA in Cayuga County is primarily a mixed hardwood and coniferous forest, with Bear Swamp Creek running alongside and through it. This site is part of Audubon's Southern Skaneateles Forest Important Bird Area. Forest management over much of the 3,316 acre property has created a diverse forest structure with sapling and shrub growth, as well as other ground cover. Portions of the area have also been allowed to grow into mature forest. These early successional and mature forest habitats support a tremendous diversity and abundance of breeding forest bird species.

Bear Swamp Creek and the surrounding forests support several pairs of red-shouldered hawks (special concern). The site is located at the head of a valley, making the site more prone to visits by migratory songbirds. White-winged crossbill, pine siskin, purple finch and house finch can be found wintering in the conifers on the state forest. Many songbird species of conservation concern also use the Bear Swamp BCA for breeding or migration.

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