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New York State Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey

Twelve-spotted skimmer (Libellula pulchella)
Twelve-spotted skimmer (Libellula pulchella)
photo by Tom LeBlanc

Final Report Available on the FTP server: The New York Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey 2005-2009 (PDF) (36.7 mb, 433 pages). Parts of the full report are available further down this page for easier download.

In recent years there has been a slow, but steady growth in the popularity of the study of various insect groups beginning with butterflies, and more recently dragonflies. The recent interest in dragonflies began in the early 1990s, spurred in part by the publication of the first field guides to these fascinating insects.

New York State began receiving funding from a new federal funding source, the State Wildlife Grants Program, in 2003. A required element for this funding is the development of a New York State Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS), complete with conservation recommendations for species designated as "Species of Greatest Conservation Need".

Given our incomplete knowledge of the status of dragonflies and damselflies in New York State, the increasing public interest in these insects, and the need to develop the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, the timing was right for beginning a formal statewide survey of the dragonflies and damselflies of New York State.

The results of the New York Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey (NYDDS), which began in 2005, will be summarized and presented in a variety of formats, including a high quality book and electronic files for use by conservation biologists and planners. The information gained as a result of this survey will be important in the development of New York's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy with respect to the conservation of these insects.

The New York Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey is a project of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, and the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP). The project is being supported with funds from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service State Wildlife Grants program, administered by NYSDEC.

For more information contact:

Erin White
NY Natural Heritage Program
625 Broadway, 5th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-4757

Or email us

Final Report:

Part I (PDF) (1756 KB, 31 pages)
Part II (PDF) (3844 KB, 31 pages)
Part III (PDF) (4160 KB, 32 pages)
Part IV (PDF) (3310 KB, 27 pages)
Part V (PDF) (3517 KB, 29 pagess)
Part VI (PDF) (2888 KB, 30 pagess)
Part VII (PDF) (3638 KB, 32 pages)
Part VIII (PDF) (2951 KB, 30 page)
Part IX (PDF) (4208 KB, 28 pages)
Part X (PDF) (3703 KB, 30 pages)
Part XI (PDF) (1493 KB, 33 pages)
Part XII (PDF) (2669 KB, 27 pages)
Part XIII (PDF) (2645 KB, 30 pages)
Part XIV (PDF) (3752 KB, 43 pages)

Materials for Participants:

Registration Form (PDF) (105 KB, 1 page): NOTE: Please print in color if possible; black and white version may not scan properly.
Handbook for Workers (PDF) (293 KB, 24 pages): Does not include appendices
Appendix I (PDF) (121 KB, 1 page): County map of odonate species numbers
Appendix II (PDF) (612 KB, 2 pages): Site Visit Form
Appendix III (PDF) (57 KB, 12 pages): Odonate species, regions, and habitats of NY
Appendix IV (PDF) (43 KB, 9 pages): Odonate list for volunteers
Appendix V (PDF) (24 KB, 4 pages): Naming your photo files
Appendix VII (PDF) (273 KB, 2 pages): Specimen Form
Appendix VIII (PDF) (644 KB, 2 pages): Summary of Effort Card
Appendix IX (PDF) (33 KB, 3 pages): Books, materials, and organizations
Appendix X (PDF) (16 KB, 2 pages): Regional resource people

Database Materials:

Database Installation Guide: Download this document first for instructions on downloading and installing the NYDDS Database.

NYDDS Database: A zip file containing the NYDDS Database and files referred to in the installation guide.