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The New York State Bird Conservation Area Program was established in 1997 to safeguard and enhance bird populations and their habitats on State lands and waters. The goal of the Bird Conservation Area (BCA) Program is to integrate bird conservation interests into agency planning, management and research projects, within the context of agency missions.

The BCA Program is modeled after the National Audubon Society's Important Bird Areas (IBA) program, which began in New York in 1996. The BCA Program applies criteria developed under the IBA program to state-owned properties. To date, fifty-nine BCA sites have been designated.

Management Guidance Summaries

A key document in the Bird Conservation Area Program, the management guidance summary of a BCA provides a physical description of the site, lists which BCA criteria it meets, lists important species and habitat types, and provides guidance relative to bird conservation not only for management purposes, but for operations, research, education, and outreach. Local contacts for more information about the site are also listed. Management guidance summaries are updated as new information becomes available.

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