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Staff Directory
Title Name User Name Telephone
Administration Director DJ Evans dorothy.evans 518-402-8948
Director of Science Timothy Howard, Ph.D. tim.howard 518-402-8945
Grants Specialist/Finance Administrator Fiona McKinney fiona.mckinney 518-402-8949
Ecology Chief Ecologist Greg Edinger greg.edinger 518-402-8947
Ecologist Elizabeth Spencer elizabeth.spencer 518-402-8892
Ecologist Max Henschell, Ph.D. max.henschell 518-402-8906
State Parks Ecologist Julie Lundgren julie.lundgren 518-486-2774
Wetland Ecologist Laura Shappell, Ph.D. laura.shappell 518-402-8931
Spatial Ecologist Amy Conley, Ph.D. amy.conley 518-402-8930
Information Resources Coordinator Nicholas Conrad nick.conrad 518-402-8944
Web/Database Manager Matthew Buff matthew.buff 518-402-8938
Database Specialist Varun Mathukumalli varun.mathukumalli 518-402-8950
Environmental Review Specialist Andrea Chaloux andrea.chaloux 518-402-8927
GIS Specialist Emily Cheadle emily.cheadle 518-402-8946
Zoology Chief Zoologist Matthew Schlesinger, Ph.D. matthew.schlesinger 518-402-8939
Zoology Data Supervisor Hollie Shaw 518-402-8926
Zoologist Jeff Corser jeff.corser 518-402-8941
Zoologist Erin White erin.white 518-402-8955
Marine Zoologist Meghan Rickard meghan.rickard 631-444-0430
Marine Zoologist Emily Runnells emily.runnells 631-444-0440
Assistant Zoologist Ashley Ballou ashley.ballou 518-402-8960
Botany Chief Botanist Stephen Young steve.young 518-402-8951
State Parks Botanist Rich Ring rich.ring 518-402-8952
Invasive Species Database Coordinator Meg Wilkinson meg.wilkinson 518-402-8983
Invasive Species Biologist Jennifer Dean, Ph.D. jennifer.dean 518-402-9263
Invasive Species Information Manager Heidi Krahling heidi.krahling 518-402-9263
Invasive Species Administrative Asst. Colleen Lutz colleen.lutz 518-402-8913