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Braddock Bay Bird Conservation Area

This BCA is comprised of a diverse array of habitats along the Lake Ontario shoreline. These habitats include marshes, open water, forests, grasslands, and shrub-scrub. Braddock Bay is a shallow water bay-marsh complex that includes Buck Pond, Long Pond, Cranberry Pond, Braddock Bay, and Rose Marsh. All of the ponds are connected to the lake by intermittent channels, which plug and open up as lake currents and wave action change the character of the gravel and sand barrier bars. The bay-marsh complex provides excellent nesting, resting, and feeding habitats for waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds, raptors, and marsh birds. In addition to the marsh areas, there are wooded areas, grasslands, and shrublands. The area is a noted hawk, songbird and owl migration corridor and observation area. The grasslands support bobolink, meadowlark, sedge wren and savannah sparrow.

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