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Lake Champlain Marshes Bird Conservation Area

This BCA includes six Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) along the western shore of Lake Champlain (Kings Bay, Montys Bay, Wickham Marsh, Ausable Marsh, Putts Creek, East Bay) from near the Canadian border to the southern tip of the lake. These WMAs all include shoreline wetland complexes. Most include large marshes, forested swamps, and shrub swamps; as well as some upland forests, grasslands, and shrublands. They provide habitat for a wide variety of bird species for breeding and during migration. They also provide important migration stopover areas for a tremendous diversity of water and land birds.

Species of interest include: American bittern (special concern), least bittern (threatened), osprey (special concern), upland sandpiper (threatened), great blue heron, green heron, black tern (endangered), northern harrier (threatened), pied-billed grebe (threatened), short-eared owl (endangered), vesper sparrow (special concern), grasshopper sparrow (special concern), bobolink, savannah sparrow, cliff swallow, Wilson's snipe, marsh wren, Virginia rail, Lincoln's sparrow, common goldeneye, black-crowned night heron, winter wren, northern waterthrush, chestnut-sided warbler, Nashville warbler, yellow-throated vireo, and warbling vireo.

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