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New York State's many habitats, both on land and water, shelter rich and diverse plant life.

On this page you will find links to information on aquatic plant management, protected native plants of New York State, endangered plant species, and DEC's Saratoga Tree Nursery, which makes seedling plants available to help citizens maintain the state's diverse plant populations.

Watch a clip about the Saratoga Tree Nursery and check out other clips on DEC's YouTube Channel.

More about Plants:

  • Harmful Plants - List of harmful plants to avoid
  • New York State Tree Nursery - What can the State Tree Nursery offer you? - spring seedling sales, detailed descriptions of species available, how to plant and care for trees and innovative conservation efforts currently underway.
  • American Ginseng - Regulations and conservation practices for American ginseng in New York State.
  • Federally Protected Plants - Six endangered plant species are an important piece of New York's natural heritage and biodiversity.
  • State Protected Plants - The Protected Native plants program was created in 1989 with the adoption of the protected native plants regulation to conserve our State's native biodiversity.
  • Big Tree Register - Maintained by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) as an effort to recognize trees of record size and promote an interest in their care and preservation.