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Constitution Marsh Bird Conservation Area

The Constitution Marsh BCA is a large fresh/brackish tidal marsh located on the east shore of the Hudson River. It is one of only five large tidal marshes on the Hudson River. The site contains man-made dikes and channels constructed in the 1830's. The area has been designated by the New York State Department of State as a Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat and a Scenic Area of Statewide Significance.

This is an important wetland site hosting a diversity of birds (200 species have been identified at the site). Significant breeding bird species include least bittern (threatened), Virginia rail, marsh wren, and swamp sparrow. It is an important waterfowl wintering and migratory stop-over site hosting average fall concentrations of 1,500 individuals with occasional peak counts of 4,000. It is particularly important as an American black duck wintering area. Other species that use the site during migration and/or winter include pied-billed grebe (threatened), osprey (special concern), bald eagle (threatened), northern harrier (threatened), and peregrine falcon (endangered). Fall swallow concentrations at the site typically number about 20,000 individuals, but can reach as high as 100,000.

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