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Harbor Herons Bird Conservation Area

The Harbor Herons BCA consists of Goethals Bridge Pond, adjoining wetlands, and property along Old Place Creek. BCA designation is confined to these state-owned lands, part of a larger assemblage referred to as the Harbor Herons Complex consisting of several nesting islands and foraging areas throughout the New York City area. Goethals Bridge Pond is a Department of State-designated Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat. The mixture of productive tidal marsh, freshwater marsh, shallow water foraging habitats, their proximity to islands with suitable nesting habitat and minimal human and predator intrusion, is key to the importance of the area for nesting wading birds. The presence of abundant and consistently available forage fish and invertebrates are a critical element to continued existence of these productive nesting colonies. Shorebirds also use the mud flats extensively for foraging.

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