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Schodack Island Bird Conservation Area

The Schodack Island BCA is a peninsula in the tidal portion of the Hudson River. To the west is the Hudson River and to the east is the Schodack Creek/Muitzes Kill. Forested communities dominate the site. There are also large areas of wetlands that include tidal wetlands. Ecological communities include successional old field, successional shrubland, dredge spoil forest, freshwater intertidal mudflat, freshwater tidal marsh, freshwater tidal swamp, and floodplain forest. Cerulean warbler and bald eagle are key species here, and a great blue heron rookery on the island contains about 50 nests. The western side of the Island, along the Hudson River shoreline, is predominately floodplain forest, and is of particular importance in regard to its use by eagles. The habitats along the Schodack Creek and Muitzes Kill are particularly diverse. The BCA is within a Department of State (DOS) Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat and a DOS Significant Scenic Area. The BCA boundaries are coincident with the designated Hudson River Estuarine Sanctuary boundaries.

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