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South Shore Tidal Wetlands Bird Conservation Area

This BCA is comprised of tidal salt marshes with areas of associated upland habitat as well as open water in the form of creeks, channels and ditches, located on the bays of the south shore of Long Island. The habitat ranges from open water and tidal mud flats to Spartina marsh and dense upland forest. The marshes support a diverse mix of uncommon bird species such as seaside sparrow, saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow, clapper rail and northern harrier, while the uplands provide critical migration habitat for birds crossing the ocean and bays. The wetland habitats are threatened by erosion, invasive plant species and loss of tidal flow.

Birds of interest include northern harrier (Threatened), common tern (Threatened), osprey (Special Concern), seaside sparrow (Special Concern), clapper rail and possibly short-eared owl (Endangered).

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