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John Boyd Thacher/Thompsons Lake Bird Conservation Area

The John Boyd Thacher/Thompson's Lake BCA consists of portions of two nearly contiguous State Parks in Albany County. John Boyd Thacher sits atop the Helderberg escarpment, a 100 foot high calcareous cliff. Thacher is dominated by forested uplands. The Thompson's Lake area consists of additional upland forest, old fields and a bur oak-black ash swamp adjacent to the lake.

There are 171 species of birds that have been identified within the John Boyd Thacher/Thompson's Lake BCA, of which 102 are confirmed or probable breeders, including: sharp-shinned hawk (Special Concern), Cooper's hawk (Special Concern), northern goshawk (Special Concern) and golden-winged warbler (Special Concern). The forests support some of the area's highest densities of breeding songbirds such as hermit thrush, winter wren, magnolia, black-throated blue, black-throated green, blackburnian, Canada and worm-eating warblers and Louisiana and northern waterthrushes. This BCA supported the first recent regional nesting of common ravens and is now the nucleus for the population in the area.

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