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Vischer Ferry Bird Conservation Area

The Vischer Ferry Bird Conservation Area is composed of a freshwater wetland complex associated with the Mohawk River in the town of Clifton Park, Saratoga County. It provides important marsh bird and waterfowl habitat. In addition, the site has forested and shrubland areas that provide important migratory stopover habitat for a variety of upland birds. There are many trails throughout the area for public use. Waterfowl hunting is allowed during specified periods. Vischer Ferry is also an Audubon Important Bird Area.

There are considerable numbers of breeding marsh and wading birds occurring, including sora, Virginia rail, green heron, American bittern, and possibly least bittern. The site supports fall concentrations of migratory wading birds such as herons and egrets. This site also supports considerable numbers of other migratory birds, including many species of warbler and flycatcher, common nighthawks, swallows, and blackbirds. Species at risk include state listed species such as American bittern (Special Concern) and least bittern (Threatened). Species of high priority for the North American Bird Conservation Initiative which occur at Vischer Ferry include common nighthawk and rusty blackbird.

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