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Sunday 10/22/17 17:05

Rochester 12:00:00 PM 10/22/17
AQI 35
O3 0.050 ppmPrecipitation  in
SO2-3 0.517 ppbPM25FEM 7.68 ug/m3LC
Trace CO 248.91 ppbNO Trace 0.1 ppb
TEMP 73.0 Deg FNO2T 4.4 ppb
RH 47 %NOY 4.6 ppb
BP 29.61 in HG

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The information used is the first available data from our air quality monitoring network.
The values have not been verified for accuracy or been through the appropriate quality assurance and control validation procedures.

For validated data contact the Bureau of Air Quality Surveillance at (518) 402-8508

NOTE: SO2 and NO2 data reports prior to 1/1/11 are in units of parts per million