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Friday 10/20/17 17:40

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View of Adirondack High Peaks from the summit of Mt. Skylight. Photo by Barb Northrup

This site provides near real time air quality measurement data from the New York State DEC Air Monitoring network.

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The NYSDEC Air Quality monitoring website allows a real-time view into the ambient air quality database of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. In general, data is polled at the top of each hour from each station. It is immediately displayed as it is collected.

There are a few paths to select the data for specific monitoring stations.

  • Clicking on the "Maps > New York Map" button on the menu bar will show a map of the state and the dots represent the regions with air monitoring stations. Note that the color of the dot for each region will change as the recent air quality data changes. The color will be reflective of the worst Air Quality in the region based upon EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI) range. Hover your mouse over one of the dots to see a window with the details of the sites in each region.
  • Clicking on the regional dot will show another map with each of the stations represented by another colored dot. The colors of each dot also represent the current air quality using EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI). Hovering on each station shows the most-recently collected monitoring data and a color-coded indication of the quality of the air using the AQI.
  • Clicking on the colored dot that represents the station will show more detailed information on the selected station including the address, a photo of the station, the current values of monitored pollutants and meteorological parameters.
  • If you know the name of the station that you are interested in, Click the "Monitoring Stations" button on the menu, select the region of the state and then click the name of the station that you want data from.

Either of these methods will lead you to the Monitoring Station page - This page shows the most recently collected monitoring data, a photo of the monitoring station and some information about the station. The Monitoring Station page also shows an AQI graphic and "Instant Graphs" of the past 24 hours. These are accessed by hovering over the table with the mouse cursor.

A report with up to 180 days of data from each station can be generated by pressing the link labeled "Click Here to Produce Reports" on any of the monitoring station pages.

The information used is the first available data from our air quality monitoring network.
The values have not been verified for accuracy or been through the appropriate quality assurance and control validation procedures.

For validated data contact the Bureau of Air Quality Surveillance at (518) 402-8508

NOTE: SO2 and NO2 data reports prior to 1/1/11 are in units of parts per million