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Bureau of Private Land Services

a wooded creek
Privately owned forests in
New York provide many
benefits we all share including:
clean air and water, wood
products and wildlife habitat.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) forestry professionals are dedicated to maintaining the long-term health and productivity of our forests. Services foresters provide assistance to landowners to sustain healthy ecosystems, protect soil and water resources, improve wildlife habitat, and provide recreational opportunities and wood products. Foresters work with private landowners, communities, the forest industry, schools and others to promote good forest stewardship.

Forest Health Protection

The Forest Health Protection Section gives landowners current and historical information on forest health, protected native plants, and programs for protection, including up to date pest alerts. A healthy forest contributes to environmental quality and provides wildlife and plant habitats.

Private Forestry Assistance

The Private Forestry Assistance program staff provide advisory information to private forest landowners and are involved in programs that promote the management of forest resources. These Foresters also administer federally funded cost share programs available to landowners and real property tax incentive programs. The function of Private Forestry is to provide landowners with unbiased forestry information, to help landowners develop management plans, and to and provide information to further the understanding of forestry to the public. Private sector cooperating foresters enhance the availability of professional forestry assistance.

Saratoga Tree Nursery

The Saratoga Tree Nursery produces seedling and transplant material for conservation plantings on public and private lands. Trees are a renewable resource that can have multiple benefits to enhance the environment of New York State. Planting trees expands the forest and encourages natural regeneration that will maintain the forest habitat.

Urban and Community Forestry

Urban and Community Forestry is the management of trees and associated natural resources in the populated areas of New York State. Urban forests, if properly maintained, can produce a wide variety of economic and environmental benefits to New York State.

Utilization and Marketing

A diverse program, Forest Products Utilization and Marketing deals with many aspects of the utilization, significance, understanding and promotion of New York's forest resources and forest industries. This program supports and promotes the idea that a healthy and diverse forest products industry, as well as broad knowledge and understanding of the timber resource, contributes to economic and various other values of our forests.