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The Bureau of Real Property is DEC's "Real Estate Agent," handling all land conveyance transactions for all DEC Divisions. Additionally, the Bureau is responsible for the boundary locations for more than four million acres of DEC-administered land. Major program areas are listed below:

  • Open Space Land Acquisition - In accordance with the State Open Space Conservation Plan, the Bureau performs all aspects of the acquisition process, from appraisal and boundary survey through negotiating and contracting, including gifts.
  • Appraisal and Appraisal Review - Bureau staff contract for independent consultant appraisals for most DEC land acquisition projects. Some others are completed "in house." Bureau staff also prepare formal appraisal reviews and establish the fair market value of parcels to be acquired.
  • Boundary Line Surveys - Utilizing up-to-date land surveying equipment, including a high accuracy Global Positioning System (GPS), Bureau staff perform both land acquisition and boundary line maintenance surveys, as well as contract with consultant land surveying firms.
  • Conservation Easements - In addition to acquiring conservation easements through the Open Space land acquisition process, the Bureau is responsible for maintaining a record of all Article 49 ECL Conservation Easements acquired by private parties as well as DEC.
  • Conservation Easement Monitoring. The Bureau, in conjunction witht the Bureau of State Land Management staff, maintains a GIS data base of all affected properties and landowners covered by conservation easements and prepares annual landowner notifications.
  • Bureau staff maintain a GIS layer of all DEC managed Public Fishing Easements which is accessed by the general public through the DEC website.
  • Timber Theft/Trespass/Occupancy of State land and Miscellaneous Title Investigations. Real Property Bureau staff provide testimony, real estate and land title expertise and prepares exhibits for these court cases.
  • Land Exchanges & Constitutional Amendments - All aspects of legislated State/private land exchanges and constitutional amendments are performed by Bureau staff. This includes appraisals, land surveys, contracting, lgal description, and mapping.
  • Inter-Agency Land Transfers - All aspects of land transfers to and from other State agencies are performed by Bureau staff.
  • Railroad Preferential Rights - The Bureau of Real Property acts as DEC's clearing house for determining any DEC acquisition interest in these surplus railroads.
  • State Land Records - By maintaining land title, survey records, and a GIS layer of DEC's extensive land holdings, Bureau staff are able to provide both the necessary evidence and expertise to assist in the defense of DEC's land boundaries, against timber thefts, trespass and title disputes.
  • State Land Inventory - Bureau staff are responsible for working with the Office of General Services (OGS) regarding OGS records of DEC's extensive land holdings.
  • Hazardous Waste Remediation - The Bureau assists with obtaining rights of entry for all sites being investigated or remediated.
  • Flood Protection Program - The Bureau obtains temporary and permanent easements for the construction and maintenance of flood protection construction projects.
  • Defense of Claims - Bureau staff assist DEC and Attorney General staff in defense of court of claims cases.

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