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April 06, 2012 - Field Notes

Noteworthy News from the Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources

In This Issue:

Significant Notes

More Fish Stocking Lists Available Online
Now available on DEC's website are the 2011 Fish Stocking Lists that catalog all the walleye, muskellunge, trout and salmon species stocked by county. Also, don't miss DEC's new Pond Brook Trout Fingerling Stockings webpage, where you will find the number of brook trout fingerlings stocked in each water body during the last five years (2007 to 2011). This may be just what you need to find and catch a trophy-sized brook trout this year!

Shellfish Harvest Closures for Towns of Southold and Hempstead
DEC's Bureau of Marine Resources has prohibited the harvest of shellfish (clams, mussels, oysters and scallops) in embayments within the Town of Southold (Mattituck Creek) and the Town of Hempstead (South Oyster Bay). DEC implements temporary emergency closures to ensure the public does not become ill from eating contaminated shellfish. To view descriptive maps of the areas recently closed, visit DEC's Temporary Emergency Shellfish Closures webpage. To read more about shellfish contaminants and reasons for closures, visit DEC's Shellfish Safety webpage. Harvesters can check the most current status of these closures by calling the shellfish emergency closure information line at 631-444-0480.

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Releases "Where to Shoot" iPhone® App
"Where2Shoot" is a mobile app now available for the iPhone® and iPod Touch® and is modeled after NSSF's popular WhereToShoot.org website (link leaves DEC's website). The app, available for free from the iTunes® App Store puts North America's most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges in the palm of your hand. It also includes video tips for shooters, news and firearm safety information. Where2Shoot enables users to search for ranges near their current location, as well as by zip code and state. It also provides specifics about each range, including shooting activities offered, accessibility and contact information.

Summer Flounder Commercial Fishery Trip Limit Updates
The following changes are for the summer flounder commercial fishery periods 2 and 3 for April through June. Details on fishing quota periods and trip limits are available on DEC's Commercial Fishing webpage:

  • Effective April 1, the daily trip limit is 140 pounds.
  • Effective May 1, the daily trip limit will increase to 210 pounds.
  • Effective June 1, the daily trip limit will decrease to 140 pounds.

Laws and Rulemakings

male white-tailed deer
White-tailed deer
~Photo courtesy of US Fish
and Wildlife Service

Comment on Proposed Changes to Deer Hunting Regulations
Deer hunting regulation changes are being proposed for many of the strategies addressed in the Management Plan for White-tailed Deer. Some of these changes include establishing a three-day youth deer hunt during the Columbus Day holiday, earlier and new seasons for bowhunting and muzzleloading in the Northern and Southern Zones, increased deer management permit hunting opportunities, reduced harvest of young bucks in select Wildlife Management Units and much more. For more details and a complete list of the proposed changes, view DEC's online press release, Changes Proposed for State Deer Hunting Regulations. Comments may be submitted through May 21, 2012 to Bryan Swift, NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY, 12233 or by e-mail to WildlifeRegs@gw.dec.state.ny.us.

Noteworthy Dates

April 9 - Free Fishing Clinic Event at Six Mile Waterworks in Albany
DEC's I FISH NY Program will be hosting a free youth fishing event at the City of Albany's Six Mile Waterworks in Colonie on April 9 when many Capital Region schools are on spring break. From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, anyone can join the fun and learn how to cast a fishing rod and catch a fish, as well as learn about the species of fish that live in New York State's waters. Come at 9:30 AM to watch the lake get stocked with rainbow trout. You won't want to miss it! For more information about this event, visit DEC's press release webpage or contact Joelle Ernst in DEC's Bureau of Fisheries at 518-402-8891.

April 17 - Marine Resources Advisory Council Meeting
The next Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC) meeting will be held on April 17 at DEC's Bureau of Marine Resources Headquarters in East Setauket, NY at 2:00 PM. MRAC advises DEC on the management of New York State's marine resources and the commercial and recreational fisheries that these resources sustain. The public is invited to attend these meetings to listen and provide comments. Please check the MRAC website for a list of agenda items as they become available.

Recreational Sporting Season Reminders

The reminders listed below include open and final recreational season dates for the weeks of April 6 through April 22. For all season dates and to view more information about hunting, trapping and fishing in New York State, visit DEC's Outdoor Activities webpage.

Youth Hunting

  • April 21-22 - Youth Turkey Hunt Weekend
    Get prepared for the 2012 two-day spring youth turkey hunt starting Saturday, April 21. With a valid junior hunting license and turkey permit, hunters ages 12 to 15 can participate and take one bearded bird. This special youth hunt is for all upstate areas north of the Bronx-Westchester county boundary and Suffolk County (Wildlife Management Unit 1C). An adult with a valid hunting license and turkey permit must accompany junior hunters. For more details, visit DEC's Youth Hunt for Wild Turkey webpage.


  • April 15 - Striped Bass Fishing Opens for Marine and Coastal Waters
    This includes all waters south of the George Washington Bridge. Anglers on board a party or charter boat may keep 2 fish daily that are at least 28-inches long or greater. All other anglers may catch 1 fish daily that is between 28 to 40-inches long, and must enroll in the 2012 New York State Recreational Marine Fishing Registry prior to fishing.

Waterfowl Hunting


  • April 7 - Final day for the following:
    (follow the links to view a season map for boundaries)
    • Beaver Trapping in Northern and Eastern Areas of New York State
    • Mink and muskrat in Eastern Areas of New York State
    • River otter in Northern Areas of New York State
  • April 15 - Final Day for Mink and Muskrat Trapping in Northern Areas of New York State

Did You Know...?

three species of venomous snakes in New York State
Top image: Northern copperhead by Bill Hoffman
Bottom-left image: Timber rattlesnake by Bill Hoffman
Bottom-right image: Eastern massasauga by Tom Bell

New York State is home to three different species of venomous snakes, but do not fret! The northern copperhead, timber rattlesnake and eastern massasauga are tucked away in hard-to-reach terrain, have localized populations and prefer to eat rodents, not humans. Venomous snakes have a special sensory organ called a "pit" between their eyes and nostrils. This gives them the ability to see body heat to easily pick out warm-blooded prey, like squirrels, voles, mice and other small rodents.

For more information on venomous and other snakes in New York State, visit the University of Environmental and Science Forestry (ESF) website (link leaves DEC website)

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